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ESD Table Top Mats

AntiStatic Mats for use on Table Tops and Workbenches

Great Selection, Free shipping to Continental USA and Canada!


ESD Table Mats are a key component and one of the first lines of defense in protecting sensitive electronics from the damaging effects of a static discharge. Not too Fast - Not Too Slow! An Antistatic (static dissipative) Table mat falls in a range of electrical conductivity that slowly but thoroughly takes a static charge to ground. Consider how your mat will be used! If working on mission critical, at (or near) component level electronic builds or with any ESD sensitive products that are in an "unprotected" form consider the two or three layers mats. These Mats Never Fail - As long as they are attached to a reliable ground they provide flawless performance AND they always pass the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 standards with ease! Options 1, 2, 4, 5 & 8 are multilayer mats. Numbers 3 & 7 are perfect for packaging, non critical static control and items in a "protected status" (an enclosure or static bag for example). Number 6 is perfect for Clean rooms.

ESD mat used at Flextronics in Houston Texas1) UltraTough: Extreme Service ESD Table Top Matting  Not dependent on humidity for conductivity. FULLY compliant to new ANSI ESD S20.20 Standards. Lifetime warranty on conductivity. Robust and easy to keep clean, perfect for handling heavy items or products with sharp edges. An Excellent choice for use with constant monitors. Make ESD and ISO audits painless. Always Compliant! Top Seller! PN: 168-AS Free shipping for this esd table top mat

esd matting choic of General Dynamics, Moses Lake, WA2) UltraComfort: Tri Layer table top matting  Give your electronics the COMFORT they long for and the esd PROTECTION they Demand! UltraComfort is an advanced 3-layer esd mat that's NOT dependent on humidity for conductivity. UltraComfort falls in the perfect range of static conductivity for ALWAYS meeting S20.20 bench top standards. An Excellent choice with constant monitors. Top Seller! PN: 167-AS Free shipping for this esd table top mat

ESD Matting choice for High Voltage Power Supplies3) EconoStat table top matting; economical, anti static vinyl  Indestructible! Humidity dependent, high static dissipative conductivity range. Very low static charge generation capabilities of <100 volts.  Excellent charge decay. Typical resistivity <1.0E10 Clean surface featuring NO carbon sloughing. Perfect for non critical esd control areas. Excellent for use with printers, computer protection and as mouse pads. Top Seller! PN: 166-AS Free shipping for this esd table top mat

ESD Mat MAterial used by Western Digital Hard Drive Manufactuing4) ElectraSoft Table Top Mats: ULTIMATE mechanical shock protection in concert with OUTSTANDING electrical properties. Tri layer, permanent conductivity. NOT dependent on humidity for performance. Mission critical ESD control. Meets ANSI-ESD S20.20 standards. An Excellent choice for use with constant monitors. Top Seller! PN: 170-AS Free shipping for this esd table top mat

Heat Resistant ESD Mat for soldering, Photo NYC Electronic Assembly Inc5) ElectraTherm ESD rubber table top matting.  Heat and solder resistant, Dual layer, static dissipative top surface, fully conductive back surface. RoHS compliant, permanently conductive ESD rubber. Very robust and LAYS FLAT. Not dependent on humidity. Always meets ANSI ESD S20.20 standards. An Excellent choice for use with constant monitors. PN: 165-AS Free shipping for this esd table top mat


clean room esd table top matting in full rolls and custom cuts6) Ultimat CR WHITE ESD table top matting.  True Clean room compliant matting is nearly impossible to find! Ultimat contains materials that are non-outgassing. It's Static Dissipative, Heat resistant, RoHS compliant and meets the latest standards for static control.  ZERO VOC's and ZERO Outgassing. FREE Shipping! Continental U.S.A. Only Free Shippng of ESD Mats PN: CRSS103AS


anti static mat for mechanical shock protection7) UltraCushion anti-static table top matting with excellent mechanical shock protection Give your products the comfort they deserve! Anti-Static top surface, high static dissipative electrical properties (excellent for use with high voltage power supplies etc) >1.0E05 and < 1.0E10 RTG. Caron Free. Perfect for non critical esd control areas. PN: 169-AS Free shipping for this esd table top mat

Assembly Kits, tested, certified and compliant, Include Compliance and Calibration sticker8) Professional Grade Assembly Area Mat Kits. Multiple Sizes, Two Colors, Fully Tested and Certified to ANSI ESD Standards. Includes heat and solder resistant ESD control mat, esd wrist strap, dual input common point ground and papers. Advanced conductivity NEVER fails ESD Audits. Meets ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 standards. Top Seller! PN: 165AAMK

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