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Mission Critical 3 Layer ESD Bench Mat

Custom Cut Sizes & Full Rolls

Made in the U.S.A.


Free Shipping in the continental U.S.A. for all full rolls (details apply) New! Common point ground cord included at NO CHARGE with Mat Kits made from this ESD Table Top Material! Made in America!


Testing UltraTough Mission Critical ESD Bench Top Matting Ultimate Static Control Performance

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United SCP's UltraTough is a Mission Critical ESD Work Surface matting consisting of a thick, robust vinyl that contains a static conductive inner scrim for the utmost in compliance and static control performance.

UltraTough (PN 168-AS) may be used to work in concert with constant monitors (push and cinch snaps recommended). It is easy to keep clean and warranted for lifetime static control properties. Unlike many ESD bench mats UltraTough is NOT dependent on ambient humidity for its stellar static control performance.


What is a Tri-Layer ESD mat material? Take a look! Electrical conductivity is what takes a static charge to ground. It's important to slow and control a static discharge. Why? A mat that is too conductive can cause as much damage to sensitive components as one that doesn't discharge at all. A Tri-layer mat provides a highly conductive inner scrim sandwiched between 2 layers of less conductive material. This "static dissipative" construction is what slows and controls the discharge and allows the electrostatic potential to disperse evenly across and through the entire mat. Once it finds the attached ground cord the charge has found what it is looking for. Earth!


Compare our cost on UltraTough and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the value United brings to the table on this outstanding material. Act now and get free shipping of this material to anywhere in the Continental U.S.A. THIS is a material you can count on! UltraTough never fails an ESD Audit while providing static control performance designed for THE most demanding of scenarios.


Ionizer bulletThick, robust and lays FLAT

Ionizer bulletAbrasion resistant top layer

Ionizer bulletAdvanced Tri-Layer Constuction

Ionizer bulletUltimate static control performance

Ionizer bulletLifetime Warranty on compliance to S20.20!



Composition: Vinyl with silver loaded internal scrim

Thickness: >0.0937" (3/32")

Colors: Blue and Gray

Available Widths: 24", 30", 36".

Lengths: Custom cuts, 1' to 50' (all widths)

Rolls Lengths: 50' (all widths)



ANSI/ESD STM4.1-2017: >1.0E06 and <1.0E09.

Distribution Cut Sheet


Tri-Layer Mission Critical ESD Bench Top Mat. Part Number 168-AS


2' x 50'


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30" x 50'


3' x 50'


4' x 50'




2' x 2'


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New! Common Point Ground Cord now included with Each Custom Cut Mat made from this material!

2' x 3'


2' x 4'


2' x 5'


2' x 6'


2' x 7'


2' x 8'


30" x 2'


30" x 3'


30" x 4'


30" x 5'


30" x 6'


30" x 7'


30" x 8'


3' x 3'


3' x 4'


3' x 5'


3' x 6


3' x 7'


3' x 8'








Potential Accessories for this ESD Matting Material

esd heel straps: Quick ReleaseCommon Point Bench Mat Ground Cord - Our 113 AS snaps on a male 3/8 ground lug and has 2 inputs for wrist straps. It's important to have your mat and wrist straps grounded to the same location and this robust common point takes care of business. Includes the universal mat snap kit and installs with just a screw driver. $5.20 each (even less with quantity discounts). ESD tile - Buy Online


esd heel straps: Quick ReleaseESD Constant Monitor - Our DT-020 Test the continuity of this matting material AND your wrist straps minimum and maximum resistance values every second of the working day! Catch problems IMMEDIATELY! $73.33 (even less with quantity discounts). ESD tile - Buy Online


push and cinch male esd mat cord fastener photoesd heel straps: Quick ReleasePush and Cinch Male - 3/8" - The ultimate in a secure ground connection. Pierces all layers for ultimate conductivity. Excellent for use with constant monitors, robust and fully compliant. Bag O' Tens, $6.20 per bag  ESD tile - Buy Online



ElectraMat ESD Mat Cleaner REJUVENATES ESD Mattingesd heel straps: Quick ReleaseESD Mat Cleaner - Leaves Zero Insulative residues!  Keeps table top and floor matting supple and helps rejuvenate the ESD mat's conductivity. Environmentally friendly, economical and Made in the USA! Available in quarts, cases, gallons and 5's! 1 quart WITH trigger sprayer, $9.99

  ESD tile - Buy Online



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