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THE Most Popular Options in ESD Sheet Vinyl Flooring

SEAMLESS ESD Sheet Vinyl Floors Provide Outstanding Looks, Durability, Cleanliness and UNMATCHED Static Control

Cleanliness, ease of maintenance and outstanding electrical conductivity! Let's look at a 150' x 60' area see photo. A typical 1' x 1' ESD tile floor will have over 18,000 linear feet (nearly 4 MILES) of seams! Also, tiles aren't always square making the installer "adjust" (leave small spaces between the tiles) as the installation progresses. And, the concrete substrate is never perfectly flat. This uneven profile leaves tile seams with slight height differences. Minute spaces between the tiles and/or deviations in the flatness, a perfect environment for contaminant and dirt entrapment. Sheet Goods? Same 150' x 60' area, less than 2,000 linear feet and the seams are heat welded see photo. Sheet vinyl provides the ultimate in cleanliness, ease of maintenance and OPTIMUM seam free static control! With static control sheet goods a simple dust mopping makes the flooring look like its just been damp mopped. And that sheet vinyl look? Outstanding!


Titanium sheet vinyl, seamless anti static flooring photoSeamless ESD FlooringElectraFloor Titanium Series Sheet Vinyl - Top Seller! The most slip resistant, easiest to clean, lowest static charge generation ESD flooring on the market PERIOD! Beautiful! Titanium like wear resistance. Full Surface conductive backing. Titanium is easily compliant to the new combination resistance requirements mandatory for compliance in 2021.  Titanium ESD Sheet Vinyl is available in 4' 6" widths x 66' feet long x 2 mm rolls (or precuts).



Static control flooring, seamless esd floor hard drive manufacturing photo

ESD Sheet goods vs ESD tilePolyflor ESD Sheet Vinyl - Outstanding selection, medium gloss and great slip resistance. Available in both anti static (static dissipative) OR static conductive. Multiple designer colors. 6' 6" x 65' rolls or precuts. Thickness: 2 mm (.080").




Seamless anti static floor. heat welded seams elliminate dirt entrapment photo
Heat welded ESD flooringToro Anti Static & Conductive Sheet Vinyl - Fabulous color selection, great for flash coving up walls. Fully heat weldable, outstanding electrical decay. Available in both Static Dissipative OR Static Conductive. 6' 6" x 75' rolls or precuts. Thickness: 2 mm (.080").


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