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ESD Floor Mat Options

ESD Floor Mats for Covering Hard AND Soft Floors

Great Selection, Free shipping to Continental USA and Canada!


Free the Technician! - ESD Floor mats and the use of heel straps replace cumbersome wrist straps when standing! Or, they can be a valuable addition to those that are wearing wrist straps and seated at an ESD Safe work Station. Consider how your mat will be used! With the proper selection ESD floor mats may be used to provide an ESD safe station on top of Carpet or ANY type standard or ESD hard surface floor. Static Dissipative or Static Conductive? Both do a great job of decaying static. This has to do with the electrical conductivity of the floor mat (and the conductivity is what takes the static charge to ground).  Static conductive mats have the advantage of working better with ESD carts, chairs and other items equipped with drag chains and they pass ESD Audits and the latest standards with Ease!


6 foot wide ESD Floor Mat, Quantum Colorado9) Ultima HD ESD floor mats,  EXTREME service, so tough it can be used on thin pile carpeting with rolling loads (like chairs and carts)! Indestructible esd protection, not dependent on humidity. Easy to clean and low maintenance. Low end Static dissipative range of electrical conductivity. Up to 6 foot widths! Top Seller! PN: 185-AS Free shipping for this esd floor mat

MEETS ANSI ESD S20.20-2014!10) UltraDiamond ESD Diamond Plate ESD flooring runners Permanent static control that is not dependent on humidity for static conductivity. Slip resistant. Fully compliant with the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 (page 4 table 2) standards with a charge generation well under 100 volts AND easy TR-53 compliance verification. PN: 194AS Free shipping for this esd floor mat

Excellent chocie for meeting DOD 4145 M (for use with expolosive)11) UltraSmooth ESD conductive vinyl ESD floor runners Instantly passes the latest standards for electronic assembly. Popular for use in explosives and munitions environments. The fastest most complete charge decay in the industry. Smooth Top (for easy cleaning). Thin yet durable, lays FLAT! Available in full rolls only, not for use with chairs. PN: 306-AS Free shipping for this esd floor mat

esd floor mat for heavy loads, 3-layer esd mat icon12) UltraStrong the toughest ESD Vinyl 3 Layer floor matting in the industry! Recommended for covering hard surfaces only. Permanent non humidity dependent vinyl, tougher than nails! Easy to clean. Static Dissipative range of electrical conductivity. MEETS ANSI ESD S20.20-2014, 97.2. Approved for use around energized equipment. Top Seller!  PN: 187-AS Free shipping for this esd floor mat


Economy Anti-Static Floor Mat13)  EconoStat FM Type B solid vinyl floor mat material  Economical, indestructible and anti-static. For covering hard surface flooring and concrete. Not for use with chair casters. Low Low Static Generation with a conductivity of < 1.0E10 RTG and a charge decay of 3.6 seconds. Clean surface featuring NO carbon sloughing. Perfect for where a slow controlled and thorough static decay is required. Perfect for server rooms, packaging and for use around energized equipment. Top Seller! PN: 166-FM Free shipping for this esd floor mat


Anti Fatigue / Interlocking ESD Floor Mats


Interlocking ESD Flooring,MEETS ANSI ESD S20.20-201416) ElectraTough Interlocking ESD Floor matting.   Interlocking ESD Floor Mats /Interlocking full surface ESD Floor. Easy to configure to any width, length, size, shape or configuration. This product is NOT dependent on humidity and handles chairs, carts and even forklift traffic! MEETS ANSI ESD S 20.20-2007, 97.1 and the new ESD S 20.20-2014 with a charge generation of <100 volts.  Top Seller! PN 301-AS Free shipping for this esd floor mat

Interlocking ESD flooring Runners with Ramped Edges, build your mat to ANY Length icon17) ElectraStat Type 180 anti-fatigue ESD floor mats.  Interlocking ESD Flooring Runner, build to any length. Slip resistant, ramped edges, ergonomic support, Static CONDUCTIVE and Compliant to the latest standards for static control. Not recommended for use with chair casters. For use over low pile carpeting and all hard surface flooring. MEETS ANSI ESD S 20.20-2007, 97.1 and the new ESD S 20.20-2014 with a charge generation of <100 volts (actual <25 volts) Top Seller! PN: 180-AS Free shipping for this esd floor mat

Thick, Comfortable Compliant ESD Floor Mat MEETS ANSI ESD S20.20-201418) ElectraStat Type 183: Ergonomic support meets SUPERB electrical decay rates. Diamond Plate 1/8" Vinyl over thick expanded heavy duty vinyl for superb cushioning. For use on THIN pile carpet or hard surfaces. Static conductive. MEETS ANSI ESD S20.20-2014. PN: 183-AS Free shipping for this esd floor mat

Economy anti-static mat icon19)  ElectraStat Type 175 textured economy esd comfort matting.  Low Low Static Generation and SUPER Comfortable and SUPER Economical! Electrical properties that fall in the high anti-static range. Not for use with chair casters. Recommended for covering hard surface substrates. Perfect for packaging of protected static sensitive items, boxed electronics, server areas and more. >1.0E05 and < 1.0E10 RTG @ >40%rH. PN: 175-AS Free shipping for this esd floor mat

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