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ESD Floor Care Products Made in the U.S.A!ESD Floor Care / ESD Floor Maintenance

ESD floor finish stripper, ESD Cleaners, Floor Finish, Clear Coats and More! Specifically Formulated for Premium Static Control and to Tame the Static Beast Before it Takes Another Byte!


ESD floor maintenance procedureHow to Maintain an ESD Floor

Why use ESD Floor Finish on ESD Floors iconWhy Use ESD Floor Finish on an ESD Floor?

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ESD Floor Finish, ESD Floor Care Products

ESD floor finish for esd floors1) ElectraGlaze - Top Seller! ESD floor finish to Tame the Static Beast! ElectraGlaze provides an outstanding diamond like luster to all types of esd flooring materials. ElectraGlaze protects the flooring from ground in dirt and scuff marks by providing a Teflon like sacrificial layer to the flooring. For use on all types of esd flooring including thick set epoxy, all esd vinyl tiles and sheet vinyl. More Information      Download SDS Sheets     

ESD floor cleaner icon2) ElectraClean ESD Floor Cleaner: Outstanding Neutral Floor Cleaner and restorer for ESD flooring. Perfect for occasional damp mopping, very light pleasant clean odor. ElectraClean helps rejuvenate the anti-static properties and will remove insulative abrasives that can scratch your esd floor. ElectraClean is economical and is concentrated! Why pay extra for water (unless it's Fiji). More Information      Download SDS Sheets

Denver International - Antistatic spray buff for high speed polishing3) ElectraShine Anti Static ESD Floor Buff: ElectraShine is an ESD spray buff compound with anti-static lubricants that are designed for use with high speed rotary buffing equipment equipped with white or champagne colored pads. Its use provides a diamond like shine and ultimate gloss to all types of esd flooring materials and coatings. ElectraShine helps remove stubborn scuff mark too! More Information     Download SDS Sheet

Floor wax stripper for esd floor finish4) ElectraStrip Floor Stripper: ElectraStrip is an ESD Floor wax remover made specifically for all types of ESD floor finishes. ElectraStrip features the lowest odor of any floor stripper in the industry and strips multiple layers of any type of floor wax quickly and thoroughly. Unlike most strippers it doesn't require a neutralizer (thoroughly double rinse with cool clean water).  More Information   Download SDS Sheet

STOP Slippery ESD Flooring5) Slip-Not CURES Slippery ESD Flooring: Slip and fall accidents are THE most common workman's comp claims in the manufacturing environment! Slip-Not! is a revolutionary ESD Floor cleaner that's easy to apply and cleans away insulative dirt. You'll FEEL the difference in slip resistant properties after the very first application! Won't transfer to heel straps and cart wheels.  More Information   Download SDS Sheet

Anti Static Floor Finish for Hospitals, Retail and Supermarkets6) ElectraSheen Sapphire II: Is without a doubt the hardest, longest lasting, highest gloss floor finish in the industry. ElectraSheen's anti-stats reduce tribo-charging from shopping carts and foot traffic and reduces the annoying zaps to customers (often a problem with standard floor finishes. Perfect for retail, Supermarkets and Showrooms. More Information     Download SDS Sheet

ESD Clear Coats and Concrete Sealers

ESD concrete sealer7) ElectraSeal ESD Concrete Sealer: Top Seller! ElectraSeal seals concrete with an effective static control formulation designed to meet today's latest requirements for static control flooring for less than $.40 cents per square foot! Does it make since to pay $7.00 to 10.00 per installed square foot for esd tiles, thick set esd epoxy or an anti-static rubber floor? Most think NOT! More Information     Download SDS Sheet

ESD Floor Paints & Associated Products

ESD Epoxy Flooring8) ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy: Top Seller! 10 Year life expectancy. For use over concrete and most existing flooring. Fully sealed the ElectraGuard ESD Floor Paint System cost around $1.25 Per Square Foot. It's Made in the USA. Meets S 20.20-2007, 97.1 and is compliant to D.o.D 414.26-M 2008* (*pretest and modify conductivity upwards using ElectraThane if needed).  More Information    SDS Sheet (combined with catalyst)    SDS for Catalyst

ESD Clear Coat for adjusintg conductivity of ElectraGuard9) ElectraThane Anti-Static Clear Coat: Provides a durable easy to clean medium gloss to ElectraGuard ESD Floor Paint. Also used to tailor the minimum electrical resistance of ElectraGuard upwards for compliance to D.o.D 414.26-M 2008. Tough, durable and Only from United Static Control Products!  More Information    Download SDS Sheet

Intermediate barrier coat for ElectraGuard10) ElectraBond Intermediate Barrier Coat for ElectraGuard: ElectraBond is used as an intermediate barrier coat between the first coat of cured ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy and the second coat of the epoxy. ElectraBond is used to extend the coverage of the more expensive epoxy and also hide imperfections in the concrete from repairs and variances in concrete texture. Typical Coverage: 1,500 square feet per gallon per coat. Download SDS Sheet. 

11) ElectraEtch Acid Etching Solution: ElectraEtch is an acid etching solution / surfactant blend. It's biodegradable formulation dissolves ground in dirt and opens pores on concrete and other mineral surfaces. Its used on an "as needed" basis when installing our ElectraGuard Epoxy and ElectraSeal Concrete Sealers. This product now sold in quart containers only due to new environmental regulations.  More information     Download SDS Sheet   


Anti-Static Carpet Spray, ESD Carpet Treatment Etc.

12) ElectraSolve: Stops the static ZAPS from your carpeting. Buy Online     SDS Sheet

13) UltraSpray II: Anti Static Coating for Cloth, Plastics and more  Buy Online     SDS sheet

14) ElectraMat ESD matting cleaner: Care and feeding for YOUR esd matting. Buy Online     SDS sheet

15) ElectraShield ESD Carpet Treatment: Transforms standard carpeting into ESD Compliant Carpeting at a Fraction of the cost of ESD Tiles. Perfect for use around energized equipment. Measurable, long lasting static control properties.  Buy Online     SDS sheet

16) ElectraGuard NC Clear: Clear Epoxy Top Coat for Concrete.  Buy Online     SDS Sheet.

17) Static Solutions AF-6800: Cleanroom ESD Floor Finish   Buy Online

18 Static Solutions PS-5700: Primer for GP-5700 latex based ESD floor paint    SDS Sheet


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