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ElectraShield Static Dissipative Carpet Treatment

Made in the U.S.A.

ElectraShield is by far the most powerful anti static carpet treatment on the market. It is easy to apply, long lasting and environmentally friendly. Our testing shows the electrical conductivity that WE achieved. Your result may vary. Regardless of the electrical conductivity the static generation while walking on carpet treated with ElectraShield remains EXTREMELY low. Always pretest the electrical conductance should compliance to S20.20 be a requirement. This product is a perfect option for Labs, Telecom Areas and Server Rooms.


Static dissipative Carpet Treatment that is SAFE around energized equipment

Thin Pile direct glue down standard carpeting treated with ElectraShield MEETS many of the latest static control standards at a fraction of the cost of ESD carpet tiles.    Buy Online


This Industry Exclusive Advancement in technology turns standard carpeting into static dissipative carpeting at a fraction of the cost of static control carpet tiles.

ElectraShield is fast and easy to apply, low to no odor and long lasting (one year typical). ElectraShield meets stringent VOC emissions standards.

Reduces the Static Charge even on people wearing standard shoes!

ElectraShield transforms standard glued down carpeting into Operational Equipment Grade Static Dissipative Carpet thus helping control the damaging effects caused by an electrostatic discharge to sophisticated electronics.

This level of static conductivity often meets a multitude of high level standards such as ANSI ESD S20.20-2021, ATIS-0600321, Motorola R56 (c.3.3 flooring) and FAA STD 019E. Please Note: Pretesting is always recommended.


Made in the U.S.A.TECHNICAL OVERVIEW: ElectraShield is a water based neutral pH carpet treatment formulated with a blend of polymers, co-polymers, non-ionic surfactants (that help protect the carpet from stains) and a proprietary static dissipative additive which provides long term electrostatic conductivity. This proprietary formulation chemically bonds at a molecular level to the carpet fibers and it's backing. ElectraShield is designed to work in conjunction with the ground system in the facility and should be used in conjunction with grounded metal equipment racks or one United SCP Ground Plate per 750 square feet of carpeting.

ElectraShield significantly reduces static by providing an electrical conductivity that is considered SAFE and is approved for use around Energized Equipment.

Static Dissipative: for use around energized equipmentPerfect for 911 Centers, Labs, Networked Offices and Server Areas.

Safe and Consistent Static ControlRecognized as SAFE around energized equipment.

2 year life expectancyLong term life expectancy and easy to reapply if needed.

Low to NO OdorEasy, FAST application with little to no odor

Environmentally friendly and LOW VOC contentEnvironmentally Friendly, Low VOC content.

Made in the good ol USA!Made in the U.S.A!



A Three Decade Increase In Static Conductivity

Point to point electrical resistance before treatment

Before Treatment: 1.73E10 (insulative) expand


Point to point electrical resistance after treatment

After Treatment: 8.59E06 (static dissipative) expand


For a Dramatic Decrease In Static Voltage Generation

Readings of Static Voltage Generation, Before and After

Test Results: After aging the sample for 1.5 years we placed the 6' x 3' wide carpet strip (1/2 treated, the other 1/2 untreated) on an insulative switchboard mat and attached the treated portion to electrical ground. Using an ESD wrist strap we attached a seated Technician (isolated from  ground) to a Monroe Charge Plate Analyzer set to function in data acquisition mode. This instrument was attached to an Oscilloscope and Computer. The technician provided walking type steps starting on the left side of the carpet and proceeded across the sample. CSV data was provided by the Monroe to the O-Scope. This was converted into an Excel File that presented us with minimum and maximum voltage.

Installation and Maintenance

NOTE: Due to the pile height, variances in carpet fiber construction and factory applied stain resistance chemicals ALWAYS pretest this product for compatibility, color fastness, staining and electrical conductivity prior to full scale usage. Quart size sample containers of the product are available at this location on our shopping cart. This product is not recommended for Persian style wool rugs.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Vacuum the carpet to remove loose dirt and soil. Spot clean stains if needed. To prepare the carpet extraction clean using a dilute solution of 4 ounces of ElectraClean or CleanShield to 1 gallon of hot water. Allow carpet to dry thoroughly prior to application of ElectraShield.

Apply Ground Plate* if required (see note) PRIOR to coating carpet. It will not adhere AFTER the carpet has been treated.

Apply ElectraShield full strength using a pump up weed sprayer in conjunction with a sponge mop. Thoroughly work the spray into the carpet with the sponge mop so as to wet the carpet and the backing. The use of floor dryers, blowers or fans will assist in drying the carpet more quickly.

Apply ElectraShield at approximately 350 square feet per gallon depending on pile height. Soak the carpet well - it's best to do this procedure on a Friday to give the carpet time to dry over a weekend. Carpet fans may be used to speed up drying time.

*NOTE: If grounded metal objects such as workbenches or server racks will be installed over the carpeting no other ground mechanism is required. If no grounded metal objects will be placed on the carpet install one each peel and stick ground plate for every 500 square feet of treated carper prior to installing the ElectraShield.

MAINTENANCE: Vacuum carpeting as needed. For heavily soiled carpeting extraction clean use a dilute solution of 8 ounces of ElectraClean or CleanShield to 1 gallon of hot water. This product may need re-applied after aggressive extraction cleaning.



Electrical Resistance to Ground per S7.1

>1.0E06 and <1.0E10 (static dissipative)

Electrical Resistance Point to Point per S7.1

>1.0E06 and <1.0E10 (static dissipative)

Typical static discharge in standard footwear (Military issue Wellco boots with Vibram® soles at 28% rH) with NO heel Straps.

 2,000 volts to <10% of initial charge (<200 volts) in .2 seconds.
Typical static discharge in standard footwear (Military issue Wellco boots with Vibram® soles at 28% rH) WITH Heel Straps.  5,000 volts to zero in .2 seconds.

Typical walking voltage (tribocharging) in standard footwear (Military issue Wellco boots with Vibram® soles at 28% rH). Note: Human perception of a static discharge is about 3,000 to 5,000 volts.

< 500 volts typical*

ANSI ESD S20.20-2021, 97.2 (with heel grounder)

< 100 volts typical*



VOC Content

80 grams per liter


approximately 350 square feet per gallon

Shelf Life

1 year

pH content

6 +/-0.5







Personal Protection



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