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ESD Flooring Prices / ESD Flooring cost

Pricing Comparisons of ESD Floor Coverings


The Nations Most Popular Online Resource for OPTIONS in ESD Flooring! ESD Tiles starting at $4.16 PSF, Epoxy Paint starting at <$1.00, Concrete Sealers less than $0.44 PSF. ESD Carpet at less than $3.86 PSF. In STOCK and ready to ship! Huge Selection, Proven Performers, Realistic Prices and an EASY no hassle online buying experience!


Lowest Price Guarantee: United Guarantees to provide the lowest Online pricing in the Nation on Quality ESD Flooring! Should you find a similar material at a lower published price simply let us know! We'll beat it by 3% and send you a free static control gift for your time!


Save your esd program a substantial amount of money and eliminate the HEADACHES caused by poor quality flooring. Call United Static Control Products, the people that KNOW ESD Flooring (we should, we've installed and supplied it since 1993).


ElectraTile ESD Floor Tiles, $4.15 PSFOur ElectraTile ESD Tiles are manufactured specifically for United SCP by one of the most technologically advanced ISO Approved ESD vinyl floor mills in the World. ElectraTile's NOT some bargain basement "close out special" destined to provide problems as your floor ages.


ElectraTile features outstanding long term mechanical performance in a precision squared ACCURATE and easy to install 1' x 1' size. ElectraTile are heat treated and warranted against shrinkage and degradation over time. ElectraTile features FLAWLESS Static CONDUCTIVE Electrical performance that meets the latest ANSI, ESD & JEDEC standards for sophisticated mission critical static control programs. Don't get fooled, all esd tiles are NOT created equal.

esd tile that is not dependant on humidity arrowNon-Humidity dependent.

Our tiles handle forklift traffic photoHandles rolling loads without breaking.

does not require esd wax arrowDoesn't require ESD wax for conductivity.

meets newest requirements for conductivity arrowMeets newest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014, JEDEC and MIL standards.

ESDFloor Tiles by LG iconPowerful static control performance, major manufacturer and MILLIONS of square feet installed NATION WIDE!


ELECTRATILE ESD FLOOR TILES  ESD Tiles control static arrow


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ESD EPOXY FLOOR PAINT, $0.97 to around $1.65 PSF*   ESD Tiles BUY NOW Button

ESD floor paint less than $1.00 PSFOur ElectraGuard esd epoxy floor paint system is THE most popular esd floor in the industry! *The basic 2 coat system is around $.97 PSF. The advanced tri-layer version of this system features ULTIMATE longevity, shine and ease of maintenance at an economical cost that is less than 1/3 of ESD Tile!


ElectraGuard is a true two part epoxy for ultimate longevity. Many esd floor paints are latex based and must be re-applied on a yearly basis. Not so with ElectraGuard! ElectraGuard provides a TEN year life expectancy with PERMANENT electrical properties that are warranted for life. ElectraGuard Meets the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 and DOD Standards for static control. Powerful protection from electrostatic discharge. A flooring selection that KNOWS the meaning of work!

esd floor paint prices bulet10 Year life expectancy! Lifetime static conductivity!

TV StaticLast over 5 times longer than mere esd latex paints!

TV StaticEasily handles heavy loading and rolling loads

TV StaticEnvironmentally oriented, fully reparable.

TV StaticShipping cost a fraction of other flooring!


ELECTRAGUARD EPOXY PAINT ESD Tiles control static arrow

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ESD carpet tiles $4.16 psf, in stock ready to shipESD (Anti Static) Carpet tiles are used to protect mission critical electronics. ESD carpet tiles are perfect for electronically sophisticated offices, 911 centers, file server rooms, electronic manufacturing and more. Ours are Easy to install and perfect for DIY projects.


Our UltraTech II carpet tiles start at less than $3.86 per Square Foot and include easy to use grounding hardware and 24/7 tech support at NO CHARGE with each order. Our carpet tiles are Comfortable to walk on! They provide outstanding sound deadening qualities, a TEN year wear plus warranty and reliable PERMANENT static control protection. The are provided in a safe yet reliable range of static conductivity and are perfect for use around energized equipment.



esd floor tile prices buletPermanent Static Control Properties!

TV StaticHighly stain resistant, easy to keep clean!

TV StaticExtraordinary sound deadening. Quiet is nice!

TV StaticUltimate employee comfort and ergonomic support!

TV StaticMeets newest recommendations for static control and safety!

ESDFloor Tiles by LG iconMajor manufacturer, MILLIONS of square feet installed NATION WIDE!

TV Static>10 year warranty. Modular. Easy to install! Releasable adhesive makes it simple to replace worn, burned or stained carpet tiles. Easily compliant to ANSI ESD S20.20-2014. Drag chains and ESD chairs interface flawlessly.


ULTRATECH II ESD CARPET TILES Select anti static and esd carpet tiles

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Esd Concrete Sealer $.40 psf, in stock and ready to ship, buy onlineElectraSeal is designed to work in concert with the concrete's existing conductivity. ElectraSeal smoothes out the concretes erratic electrical performance by adding permanent static dissipative qualities for outstanding static control. ElectraSeal provides a dust free substrate that handles THE heaviest of loads and abuse. ElectraSeal = Outstanding Value and Static Control Performance!

ElectraSeal is easy to apply and handles vapor emissions and fast track construction without bubbling flaking or degrading. It's low VOC content meets THE most stringent of GREEN Building Standards. Great shine and easy maintenance. Top coat with ElectraGlaze for a sacrificial coating that may be high speed polished to a mirror like shine.


esd floor tile prices buletPermanent anti static properties!

TV StaticEliminates concrete dusting!

TV StaticVOC compliant to new green building standards!

TV Static3 Year life expectancy and easy to reapply!

TV StaticHandles rolling loads and severe traffic!


ELECTRASEAL ESD CONCRETE SEALER Select anti static and esd carpet tiles

MORE OPTIONS IN ESD FLOOR COATINGS Select another static control carpet tile option arrow

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The Nations Most Popular Online Resource for OPTIONS in ESD Flooring. Outstanding Selection, Realistic Prices and Easy to Buy Online.


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