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ElectraFloor Titanium Series ESD Flooring

ESD Sheet Vinyl and 2' x 2' (glue down) ESD Tiles

Elegant yet Powerful Static Control Performance. Titanium Tough Wear Resistance. ESD Chair Caster Friendly. ESD Chair Caster Compliant! Full surface static conductive backing for THE most complete charge decay in the industry.

Why Titanium is better than typical "Construction Grade" SDT Tile


ESD Sheet Vinyl, Flash Coved, Heat Welded, Installed by United SCP

ESD Sheet Flooring Install in Silicon Valley California Clean Room. Flash Coved and Heat Welded for Ultimate Cleanliness. Installation by United Static Control Products. more photos


Titanium features a case hardened topical wear surface, is slip resistant, extremely easy to maintain and features ULTIMATE Static Control Properties that easily conform to the latest, most stringent standards for static control. Titanium Tames the Static Beast BEFORE it Takes Another Byte.


Titanium is a pure vinyl devoid of cheap clay fillers and binders making it truly resilient and flexible (not brittle like many ESD flooring materials). Hence, Titanium may be flash coved up walls and handles heavy loading without breaking or delaminating.


Titanium features a Full Surface Static Conductive Backing allowing sheet floor installations simply unheard of in the past. Titanium may be installed over existing epoxy, VCT, limited porosity concrete, painted surfaces, sealed concrete and more using the URAS Adhesive Peel & Stick Method. Titanium sheet vinyl may also be installed in a permanent fashion using our Uzin KE 2000 liquid adhesive and heat welded for ultimate cleanliness. For installation of Titanium Tiles United recommends the use of Uzin KE 2000. Titanium's perfect for a multitude of applications including server rooms, electronic assembly, munitions and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


Electricaly conductive backing = ultimate conductivity in an esd tile or sheet vinylFull surface static conductive backing. Ultimate static control properties!

wear resistant top layer - THE most wear resistant vinyl in the esd flooring industry bulletCase hardened. THE most wear resistant vinyl in the Industry!

wear resistant top layer - THE most wear resistant vinyl in the esd flooring industry bulletTruly resilient, won't break, flake, crumble or degrade.

4' x 65' sheet vinyl esd floooring bulletProduced in 4.5' x 65' sheet vinyl.

2' x 2' easy to install esd tile bulletProduced in 2' x 2' glue down ESD tiles.

low maintenance ed flooring tilesTHE lowest maintenance flooring in the Industry!

anti slip esd floors because saftey is important bulletAnti Slip! Added employee safety should the floor become wet!

ESD flooring installation flexibility, outstanding to work withInstallation flexibility!  Sheet Vinyl may be installed over concrete, existing epoxy, VCT, even asbestos laden tiles (unlike other esd flooring materials).


Why an ESD Sheet Vinyl? Titanium Series esd flooring is available in sheet goods (or optional tiles) for a very good reason. Let's look at a 150' x 60' area.  A typical 1' x 1' ESD tile will have over 18,000 linear feet (nearly 4 MILES of seams)! Take a look at this 3M ESD Tile floor.  Bad tiles? Poor install? Not at all. Unfortunately tiles don't always fit perfectly and the installer must adjust (leave small spaces between the tiles) as the installation progresses (some tiles even shrink over a period of time). And / or the substrate isn't flat leaving an uneven profile (slight highs and lows) to the finished install.  Minute spaces between the tiles and/or deviations in the flatness, a perfect environment for contaminant and dirt entrapment. On a standard tile floor these deviations typically present little problem, they are often filled in with floor wax. ESD floor finish shouldn't be a necessity for a quality static control floor.  It raises the insulative properties, can wreak havoc in a clean room, is expensive and can be a maintenance application nightmare.


Titanium Sheet Goods, same 150' x 60' area? Less than 2,000 linear feet of seams and THESE seams are heat welded for ultimate cleanliness and ease of maintenance! Photo


Why ESD Tiles? Titanium Series esd flooring is also available in a convenient 2' x 2' vinyl tile. ESD tiles are somewhat easier to install compared to sheet vinyl and with Titanium's resilient vinyl properties the tiles can be flash coved up walls or more easily cut to tightly conform to columns and even server racks. PLUS tiles are easier to repair should they become stained, burned or torn! Titanium Tiles must be installed using our liquid conductive permanent adhesive. Tiles may not be installed using URAS Textile reinforced adhesive. Many clients choose to apply 2 thin coats of ElectraGlaze to their tile flooring to provide a protective layer that may be stripped when ground in dirt becomes problematic. photo


Pale Gray

PN: Ti481

Dark Gray

PN: Ti482

Electronic Blue

PN: Ti483

Clean White

PN: Ti480

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New Color Titanium Charcoal Black

New for you in 2024!

Titanium Charcoal Black, PN: Ti404


Buy On Line in Rolls

$1,664.75 per Roll

4' 6" x 66' (297 sf per roll)

($5.60 per square foot)

Compare to our Competition at $8.37 PSF

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$295.80 per Carton

15 ea 2' x 2' tiles per carton

($4.93 per square foot)

Compare to our Competition at $6.15 PSF


New! INTERLOCKING Titanium ESD Tiles - No adhesive required



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