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AF-6800 Floor Finish

Perfect for use over ESD Cleanroom Flooring

Static Solutions AF-6800 ESD floor finish

AF-6800 Cleanroom ESD Floor Finish

$68.99 to $2160

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Static control is CRITICAL in many cleanrooms yet ESD flooring is complicated! The flooring must pass stringent outgassing and FOD (foreign object debris) requirements while providing conductivity that easily allows it to achieve permanent electrical conductivity (this conductivity is what takes a static charge to ground).

To achieve these levels of conductivity a carbon loaded vinyl backing or carbon/nickel strands that run throughout the flooring to the top surface will provide ULTIMATE static control. Alas, carbon can be messy! And (under a microscope) NO ESD Flooring material is absolutely smooth and free of imperfections! Take a look (use the back button to return).

Ohm-Shield ConductCoat AF-6800 is perfect for stopping carbon migration, filling microscopic voids in the flooring and seams between tiles.  It's free of harmful chemicals that can foul a cleanroom while providing an easy to clean, high gloss and long lasting topical coating.

Unlike many floor finishes 6800 contains a proprietary UV blocking formula thus protecting the flooring from the changes in conductivity that UV's may cause. AF-6800 is PERFECT for cleanrooms (class 1000 and above). It's available in single gallons, a case (4 each 1 gallon containers), 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

  • High adhesion and abrasion resistance

  • ZERO formaldehydes, ZERO phthalates or Glycol Ether.

  • UL Listed, excellent anti-slip properties

  • Designed for static dissipative AND static conductive vinyl and epoxy ESD flooring.

  • Typical coverage: 1,500 square feet per gallon per coat.


Electrical Resistance per ANSI-ESD STM7.1: <1.0E09 @ 45%rH
Decay Time per EIA 541: 0.1 seconds
Slip Resistance per ASTM-D2047-5: 0.05 minimum
Percent solids: 19.0% +/- 0.5%
pH: 8.0 to 9.0
Free ammonia: None
Free Alkali: None
Free Acids: None
Phosphate: None
Color: Milky white (dries clear)
Odor: Low and mild
Solubility in water: 100%
Freeze / Thaw Stability: 3 cycles
Shelf life: 1 Year
Flash point: None
Weight per gallon: 8.6 pounds
Biodegradable: Yes
VOC: 4.52%



Health 1

Flammability 0

Reactivity 0

Personal Protection B


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