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Slip-Not! CURES Slippery ESD Flooring

Slip-Not! You'll FEEL the increase in slip resistance after one application! Designed to work on ALL ESD flooring materials including ESD Tiles, Epoxy, Sheet Vinyl and more. Negligible effect on conductivity. Made for ESD floors but works on Ceramic, terrazzo, polished concrete, standard epoxy and virtually EVERY type of hard surface flooring


STOP Slippery ESD Flooring

Slip-Not! ESD Floor Cleaner

Economical, easy to use and effective!

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Slip-Not ESD Floor cleaner renders slippery ESD flooring a thing of the past. Everyone likes the clean crisp look of a glossy ESD floor but slip and fall accidents are THE most common workman's comp injury in manufacturing.

With Slip Not! You'll FEEL the increase in the floor's slip resistant properties after the first use!

Slip-Not! is an ESD Floor Cleaner / Maintainer that utilizes CSAD-0710 Technology to provide slip resistance in an easy one step application. It's PERFECT for cleaning away that electrically insulative dirt! Whether your ESD Floor has or has NOT been coated with ESD Floor Finish, Slip-Not cleans and restores the gloss without any substantial effect on the ESD floor's electrical properties. Slip-Not may be applied with either a mop or an automatic scrubber. In addition, Slip-Not may be used on ALL types of hard surface flooring including highly polished VCT, resilient sheet vinyl, epoxy, terrazzo and ceramic. Note: Slip-Not is NOT recommended for NON ESD flooring that has been coated with ESD floor finish.

Slip-Not! Reduces Workman's Comp Claims!

minimal change to the ESD floors conductivityMinimal decrease in the ESD floors conductivity.

low odor and earth friendlyBiodegradable. Restores Gloss!

won't buildup on esd heel strapsProvides a controllable increase in slip resistance properties.

immediate results that increase with each applicationImmediate results that improve with each use.

safe for use on ALL hard surface floorsMade for ESD Floors but popular for ALL hard surface flooring.

reduces slip and fall claims in manufacturingReduces workman's comp claims in manufacturing.

Made in the Good ol U.S.A.Proudly Made in the U.S.A!

Fast thorough cleaning for all ESD flooringFast and effective cleaning for ANY type of hard surface ESD floor!

SCOFF=Slip resistance testingField use has proven an average increase of slip resistance of .1 SCOF per application (.1 SCOF is approximately a ten fold increase in slip resistance). Note: SCOF testing is an ANSI test method.


Slip-Not! Renews Shine, Removes Insulative Dirt!


Application Instructions 

Dilute Slip-Not with warm water at the following dilutions (depending on the degree and type of soil to be removed and the slip resistant characteristics desired). Always pretest this product in a small inconspicuous area for satisfactory results prior to full scale application of this product.

* Light Duty: Routine cleaning and minor increase in slip resistance. 4 ounces per gallon of water (1-32).

* Medium Duty: Medium cleaning and moderate increase in slip resistance. 6 ounces per gallon of water (1:21)

* Heavy Duty: Heavy cleaning and major increase in slip resistance. 8 ounces per gallon of water (1:16)

Apply with either an Auto-Scrubber or by damp mopping. In order to avoid redepositing dirt when damp mopping, a two bucket system in which one buckets contains Slip-Not! and one bucket contains the soiled solution should be used. Heavy deposits of dirt and grease may be addressed by applying Slip-Not at 16 ounces per gallon of water using a pressurized sprayer, watering can or mop. Scrub the area with a hand brush or use a scrubbing pad and a buffing machine pad that will not scratch the ESD flooring. Remove the soiled solution with a wet vac or mop and finish the cleaning procedure by damp mopping using the above dilutions. Allow the floor to dry. Do not rinse. Flooring cleaned with Slip Not may be dry burnished if needed.



Active Ingredients

Synthetic and Alkaline detergents, slip resistant and anti-static additives.


8.7 to 9.5

Slip Resistance (ASTM)

>.6 (SCOF) after 7 applications (using a 4 oz. dilution)

Free ammonia, alkali, acid, phosphates & abrasives


Color and Shelf Life

Blue, 2 year shelf life (in airtight indoor container)


Low to moderate

Solubility in water


Freeze / Thaw Stability

3 Cycles



Soil Suspension


Safety Information

Health 1, Flammability 0, Reactivity 0, Personal Protection B




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