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ElectraStat 183 ESD Floor Matting

 Extra Thick! Outstanding Comfort and Ergonomic Support for Standing Technicians. Serious Static Control, Mat Kits and Full Rolls. Free Shipping for all full rolls of this material going to anywhere in the Continental U.S.A. Made in America!


THICK ESD Floor mat Meets the latest static control standards

Series 183 - ESD Comfort Mat

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ElectraStat Type 183 is THE most comfortable ESD mat you'll ever stand on! ElectraStat 183 features a static conductive 1/8 inch anti-slip top surface that is heat fused to a 7/16 anti-static dense foam base.

The static control properties of this ESD floor mat are permanent and very consistent. As such, ElectraStat 183 never fails an ESD Audit. Its range of electrical conductivity is perfect for meeting the page 6 table 2 requirements of ANS1 ESD S20.20-2021 as well as many DOD and FAA requirements for static control.

ElectraStat 183 is for use over any hard surface flooring, concrete and even thin pile glued down office grade carpeting.

The top wear surface is robust and easy to keep clean and the ramped edges not only look great they reduce tripping hazards.

ESD matting that is comfortable on the feet With ElectraStat 183 ESD Comfort Mats, ergonomic support meets SUPERB static decay!

ElectraStat 183 reduces a 2,000 volt static charge to 0 in less than .2 seconds and when tested to ANSI/ESD STM97.2 has been found to be easily compliant with a maximum charge generation of <10 volts. This is well under the 100 volt threshold set for maximum protection of the most sensitive ESD components and similar to that of ESD Tiles.

  • Extra Thick - great ergonomic support
  • Normally not recommended for use with chairs and stools
  • Ramped edging for reduced tripping hazards
  • Easily compliant with ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021, TR53
  • Never fails an ESD Audit
  • Available in black only
  • Resistivity: >2.5E04 and <3.5E07
  • For covering hard surface flooring, concrete and thin pile (glued down) carpeting.

Roll Pricing:

3' x 75'


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4' x 75'



ESD Floor Mat Kit Pricing (each mat includes a floor mat ground cord assembly):

2' x 3'



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