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Ultimat I ESD Bench Mats

Full Rolls, Precuts and Kits

Guaranteed Lowest Price on the Web

NEW: Now RoHS 3 Compliant


Ultimat I Static Solutions ESD matting

Ultimat I ESD Bench Mat

Lifetime Warranty on Compliance, Reliable Static Control at a Realistic Price  

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Ultimat I ESD Table Top Matting features a full surface static conductive backing permanently fused to a static dissipative top surface for a very fast yet controlled static charge decay.

Life Time Warranty on Static Control Compliance

Ultimat I is made from a low VOC (no  odor) rubber containing a UV protectant (to avoid discoloration from overhead lighting and the sun). The Static Solutions Ultimat I is a PREMIUM mat at a REALISTIC Price. It's highly wear resistant, lays flat right out of the box and will never let you down in a critical ESD or ISO audit. Here at United we provide onsite certifications to numerous clients nation-wide. For our Engineers there is nothing worse than failing a client's ESD matting. Ultimat I is always a pleasure to Certify as it Never Fails!

Features, Benefits and Pricing

static charge decayFast COMPLETE Charge Decay.

Lifetime warranty on static control mattingLIFETIME Warranty on static control performance.

chemical resistant ESD mattingResistant to a variety chemicals used in manufacturing.

static mats and solder fluxResistant to heat and solder flux.

Static dissipative matting that lays flatLays FLAT and never curls.


PASS TR-53 with easeTR-53 Test Friendly, NEVER fail another ESD Audit!

multiple IN STOCK colorsMultiple Colors: Dark and Light Blue, Green, Black, Gray, & Black

Multiple WidthsMultiple Widths: 24", 30", 48" (+/- .25)

multiple lengthsMultiple Lengths: 36", 48", 60" & 72". Full Rolls are 40' Long

Static Solutions matting at THE lowest price in the NationPricing: $44.93 to $944.00.

Ultimat 2019 Data Sheet


NEW! Make it a KIT!

Make it into a Static Solutions Mat KIT


INCLUDE a HEAVY DUTY dual port common point ground cord, wrist strap, bottle of mat cleaner and even a towel to wipe down the mat for a mere $19.99!

If you don't see the size you need just let us know! We'll add it to the cart in a jiff!


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