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Clean Room Compliant

Static Dissipating Table Top Mat

Clean Room Compliant, VOC and Carbon Free for ULTIMATE cleanliness


Ultimat CR White


Clean Room ESD Bench Matting

Static Dissipating Clean Room Matting


Ultimat CR White is an industrial grade ESD control matting made for use in clean rooms and designed for use on tables, workbenches and carts. Its electrical properties are volume dissipative (unlike many of the surface dissipative properties of the competition).


Ultimat CR White is chemically cross-linked throughout the entire thickness of the material thus providing permanent volume ESD conductivity in combination with polymers that will not outgas and contaminate products in clean rooms and other sensitive environments. It's as durable as rigid laminates and as comfortable and appealing as the softer table mats. This material  contains no carbon interlayer. Hence, it is not recommended for use with continuous ESD mat monitors.


Fast COMPLETE Charge Decay, 2,000 Volts to Zero in .3 seconds. This material has outstanding charge dissipation, rapid charge decay, no charge suppression and outstanding low tribo generation properties.


The material will withstand solvents and soldering iron deformation. Ultimat CR will not curl and has excellent abrasion resistance. The lightly embossed surface texture reduces light glare and increases part slip resistance yet is easy to keep clean.


Since the material is free from halogens, lead, arsenic, barium, heavy metals, phthalate plasticizers, vinyl monomer, asbestos, formaldehyde, antimony, chromium, cadmium, and other dangerous volatiles it may be used in environments where the elimination of out gassing and contamination is Critical. Ultimat CR is RoHS compliant. A full set of test results for out gassing and compatibility has been prepared by Galbraith Labs, K+S Labs, and Balasz Test Labs - feel free to contact us should you require these for your project.




  • Embossed Finish

  • Reversible - Both sides are white

  • .070-.080 inch (1.8mm) thickness

  • .05 sec decay time

  • >1.0E06 and < 1.0E10 @ > 38 %rH

  • Available in white

  • Widths: 24 and 30 inches

  • Lengths: 40 feet

  • Durable surface

  • Low abrasion

  • No vinyl monomers or DOP

  • High resistance to UV exposure

  • Recommended for use in environments with an rH of >38%.


  • No glare, easy to keep spotless

  • Durable, non curling, lays flat

  • Rapid, safe static dissipation

  • Aesthetically appealing

  • Fits all benches. Other widths available

  • Easy to cut and ship to weight limitations

  • Will withstand temperature, solder, flux, and harsh chemicals

  • Ideal for clean rooms and other controlled areas

  • Environmental and personnel safety and conformance

  • Color Stability

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