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ElectraSoft Extra Think-N-Soft ESD Table Top Matting

Tri-Layer ESD Control Mats and Pads, Super Soft! Give your products the comfort they deserve and the ESD protection they demand! Custom Sizes and Full Rolls. From $42.00 Delivered in the Continental USA!

New! Common point ground cord included at NO CHARGE with Custom Cut ESD Table Top Mats made from this Material!

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Extra thick static dissipative matting

ElectraSoft ESD table Top Matting is perfect for delicate ESD sensitive assemblies and NEVER fails an ESD Audit.


ElectraSoft ESD table top matting gives your ESD sensitive products the mechanical shock protection they long for and the static control performance they DEMAND!

ElectraSoft 3 layer vinyl features permanent static dissipative properties that are not dependent on humidity for performance.

ElectraSoft feature outstanding static dissipative electrical performance for rock solid stability. ElectraSoft easily passes THE most sophisticated of ESD audits and works well with ALL types of constant monitors. ElectraSoft has a wear resistant top surface bonded to a static conductive inner scrim that is further bonded to a soft yet durable anti-static foam base. ElectraSoft provides the ULTIMATE in mechanical shock protection AND ESD control. An excellent choice when working with sensitive electronics including hard drives, circuit boards, medical devices and sophisticated electronics. Are your ESD sensitive products TIRED of getting beat up?

ElectraSoft to the Rescue!

Extra THICK anitstatic matOutstanding mechanical shock protection! A full 3/8" Thick!

Meets ANSI ESD S20.20 standardsDependable - Always Passes ESD Audits!  

Clean Surface, Zero FODClean! No carbon sloughing

Perfect AntiStatic Mat for Non Critical Packaging AreasMission critical static control

Perfect AntiStatic Mat for Non Critical Packaging AreasMeets ANSI ESD S20.20 standards



THICKNESS: Over 3/8 of an inch

COLORS: Sky Blue

AVAILABILITY: Pads, Full Rolls and Custom Cuts


PTP PER ESD 4.1, 2006 >1.0E06 <1.0E09

RTG PER ESD 4.1, 2006: >1.0E06 <1.0E09

TYPICAL PTP @ 20%rH, 100VDC, 71 Deg F: 2.6.E08

TYPICAL RTG @ 20%rH, 100VDC, 71 Deg F: 8.1E07

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ElectraSoft 3 Layer Vinyl Anti-Static Work Surface Mat
Product # US170-AS (only available in color shown)


30 inch x 60 feet


Free shipping IconDelivered Pricing (continental USA only)*

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2 feet x 60 feet


3 feet x 60 feet


12 each 18" x 23"



Custom Cut Pricing: Note - We have many more precut sizes available on our cart. 

2' x 2'


Free shipping IconDelivered Pricing (continental USA nly)* Many more lengths available!  Need another length not shown? Simply call us for pricing and to place your order.


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New! Common Point Ground Cord included at No Charge with each Custom Cut  Mat made of this material


2' x 6'


2' x 8'


30 inch x 4'


30 inch x 6'


30 inch x 8'


3' x 4'


3' x 6'


3' x 8'



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