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Turn standard VCT into ESD Tiles

Tired of ESD Wax failing audits? Transform STANDARD Tiles into ESD Tile and EASILY pass ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 every time it's tested.

Photo:ESD Epoxy floor paint over VCT=COMPLIANCE to S 20.20-2014!

ElectraGuard ESD Floor Paint installed over standard VCT tile. Save the cost and disruption of removing the old tiles. Excellent for use over asbestos laden tiles and adhesives.

Performance that rivals thick set epoxy and ESD Tiles at a fraction of the cost.


Standard vinyl composition tiles (or VCT as it's known in the industry) has been a mainstay floor covering for well over 50 years.  It's probably the most popular floor covering in the world. Why? It's robust, bonds very well to concrete, is inexpensive and can handle many rolling loads with ease.


The Problem? VCT is highly insulative!


Tribo-electrification (contact and separation between a person's shoes or rolling carts in combination with the VCT) generates static potential in the thousands of volts. VCT just can't provide the level of ESD control required in static control environments (antistatic floor finish doesn't have enough conductivity or longevity).

Covering standard VCT with ElectraGuard is reliable, saves the costly removal of the VCT (or VAT) and provides outstanding longevity in concert with premium static control performance. ElectraGuard ESD epoxy is much more resilient than mere ESD floor paints. ElectraGuard is warranted for lifetime conductivity, it's economical, long lasting and very resistant to chemicals.  The ElectraGuard Hi Gloss System can be high speed polished for a mirror like shine and easy removal of scuff marks.


ElectraGuard meets or exceeds the latest specifications for static control including  ANSI ESD S 20.20-2014, 97.1 and 97.2 (mandatory in electronic manufacturing) and NFPA 484 (for 3D Printing).


Installation Overview: Remove floor wax and coatings that may interfere with the adhesion of the ElectraGuard Floor Paint by stripping the floor with ElectraStrip. Follow the directions for use and observe the safety precautions listed in the SDS sheet when using this product. Double rinse the tiles with cool clean water and allow the tiles to thoroughly dry. Install the electrical floor ground. Install a bond strength test kit and observe the results. If the results prove good adhesion roll 3 coats of ElectraGuard (one per day for three days). After the final coat allow 24 hours for the paint to cure and mop on 2 thin coats of ElectraThane and one very thin coat of ElectraGlaze. These sealers may be applied all in the same day. Please see the full instructions prior to using this system.


Download Center


SDS for Base     SDS for catalyst


SDS Sheet of Base by Color: Medium Gray

Electrical Grounding

SDS Sheet of Base by Color: Light Gray

5 Year Wear Study

RoHS Compliance Statement

Installation Instructions

Architect's Specifier Sheet

Concrete Repair

Chemical Resistance


ElectraGuard application tools

Order Bond Strength Test Kit

Cut Sheet for Distributors

Order set of finished samples


ElectraGuard application tools

Quart Samples     Cut Sheet with finished installs


More photos of this installation


preparation of standard tile and subsequent coating of esd flooring system overlayment

standard tiles coverted to esd floor

anti static, high shine yet slip resistant

static conductive MEETS latest ANSI standards!

easy to keep clean, high gloss yet slip resistant esd flooring

attached to AC electrical ground sytem for ultimate performance in an esd floor

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