ElectraGuard Bond Strength Test Kit

Installation Instructions

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Thank you for your assistance in running this brief test.  This test will help evaluate the bond strength of The ElectraGuard "paint on" epoxy in combination with your existing substrate.  We’ve included the necessary tools needed to apply the material. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We are available to you 24/7 on our Technical support hotline at 719-676-3928 (option 8). NOTE: We are currently having  issues finding lint free rollers. As such, be sure to remove excessive lint from the enclosed roller using masking tape or a lint brush.

1) Lightly abrade the top surface of substrate to be coated using the enclosed sandpaper.  An area of 2’ x 2’ or larger is recommended. Sweep or vacuum up the dust or wipe clean with paper towel. Mask the area if desired. Put on the enclosed gloves. Safety glasses are recommended.

  • Please note: If the small (4 oz) container of catalyst appears white and cloudy immerse in hot water for ˝ hour prior to use (it will change from cloudy to clear).

2) Remove the lid from the quart container of the ElectraGuard base. Remove the lid from the small (4 oz) container of catalyst. Slowly pour the entire contents of the Catalyst into the Base.  Thoroughly blend catalyst and base with the enclosed stir stick. Note: Solids may pack firmly in the bottom of the sample containers.  Your sample must be blended thoroughly prior to application with NO solids remaining in the bottom of the container. Stirring the sample containers with a variable speed electric drill equipped with a paint stirring attachment may be required.

3) Allow the container to stand for 5 minutes.  Pour a  small amount of the catalyzed ElectraGuard on the area to be coated and roll with the enclosed paint roller.  The goal is to apply the coating as thin and as smoothly as possible.

4) Replace the lid on the container of ElectraGuard and allow the first coat to dry for approximately 1 hour (dry to the touch).  The use of a fan will help dry the area faster. When dry, lightly agitate the sample container, remove the lid and pour another small amount onto the sample area, roll in place.  Replace the lid on the container of ElectraGuard and discard in an approved manor. Allow the coating to dry for at least 24 hours (the product gains its maximum adhesion after 3 days).

5) Using the enclosed foam brush apply 1 thin even coat of ElectraThane. When dry apply a 2nd coat. When dry apply a final coat of ElectraGlaze. When dry proceed to step 6.

6) Test bond strength as follows: With a razor knife etch a 1" x 1" "tic-tac-toe" pattern on the epoxy.  Cover this pattern with standard masking tape, wait 2 minutes and quickly pull the masking tape from this pattern.  Observe the tape.  When a good bond is achieved minimal paint will be removed with the tape. Short Video.

  •  Note: If the bond is weak  Diamond Grinding or a DiamaBrushing of the substrate is required. Please contact United for further details at 719 676 3928 (option 8 for 24/7 tech support).

7) Test electrical conductivity to ANSI ESD S7.1

The ElectraGuard System gains its maximum bond strength, hardness and conductivity slowly (over a period of about a week). When satisfied with the results of your test proceed to installation: How to install ElectraGuard Epoxy.