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At UNITED We're all About Static Control in Concert with Value, Quality, Reliability and Expertise!

A trusted source for THE most popular options in essential static control products!  From ESD Flooring for the U.S. Military to static control products for Intel, Google, NASA, Microsoft, Apple, Boeing, Lockheed and Dell. Since 1993 over a Million Clients have selected United SCP to Tame the Static Beast BEFORE it takes another Byte.

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Legendary Solutions to Control Electrostatics

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What's New?


NEW and Hot: Prefabricated ESD Floors! We started out building these as mats but are now up to building structures as wide as 16' and as long as 25 feet! The edges of the interlockers are cut straight. The tiles are numbered for easy reassemble. No adhesive, no headaches and pretested for EASY compliance to the latest standards.


Prefab ESD Mats built to ANY SizeModular ESD Floor Mats built to ANY size!

ESD Mats FULLY Tested and certifiedESD Mat Kit with Certification, Made in the USA!

ESD Test Kit for Electrical Conductance ONLY from United Static ControlRed Hot! The ElectraDyne-1000 Resistance Tester

ESD chair mat with certification, tech specsESD Heel Straps, Non Marring, a BRIGHT Cheery Color

How to ground ESD table top mattingInstallation, Grounding, Maintenance for ESD Table Top Mats (pdf)

ESD chair mat with certification, tech specsTech info for THE most advanced ESD chair mats in the U.S.A. (pdf)

new antistatic carpet treatmentNew! The most powerful anti static carpet treatment on the market!

New document on table top mat kitsESD Mat Kits: How They Work, What to Avoid and How to Achieve Compliance!


ESD Flooring Installations:

We do more than just provide THE best static control products at great prices! Check out our new 250,000 square foot ESD flooring installation in Mexico! Or, our 75,000 SF ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy floor In Tampa Florida, a real beauty in Carson City Nevada and another ESD floor in California. For more information on our Nation Wide ESD Flooring installations please click here.


Value, Quality, Reliability:

Shop where smart buyers have shopped since 1994! Save your ESD program a substantial amount of money and get the high quality, service and performance you deserve from a reliable supplier with outstanding products and a proven track record. Check out our July Specials of the Month!


Award Winning Tech Support:

Whether your ESD program is just starting out or you're a client that has been around the block OUR team of experts is here to help. Questions on the recently released ANSI/ESD S20.20-21 standards? Give us a call. How do I eliminate static from my car seats? Give us a jingle. ESD Flooring Certifications? Call us! Enjoy free 24/7 tech support for all flooring products.


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