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March Specials of the Month!

ESD Products for Static Control

Proven Performers, Outstanding Quality, In STOCK and Ready to Ship!


 SUPER Special on ESD Table Top Matting

Red Hot SUPER Special: Tri-Layer ESD Workstation Mat Kits & Rolls!


ESD smock iconESD Floor Mat OptionsESD Smocks - Great Selection and in stock. These smocks are TRIPLE stitched for excellent sleeve to sleeve and panel to panel conductivity making them EASILY Compliant, Excellent Quality, Dependable Performance and As low as $13.49 Each!



ESD Tiles Buy Online at Special of the Month PricesESD Floor Mat OptionsESD Floor Tiles - Static Control tile that MEET the latest most stringent S20.20 standards. Warranted for TWENTY years! Outstanding quality, in stock and ready to ship! Now just $6.39 a square foot! Guaranteed BEST Online price in the NATION!



Halliburton static control floorESD Floor Mat OptionsESD Floor Paint - Our most popular ESD Floor! Epoxy based NOT mere latex! 10 year life expectancy, static CONDUCTIVE and compliant to latest ANSI ESD 20.20-2021 requirements! Save up to $80 per pail or case! Guaranteed BEST price in the Nation! Only on online and Only from United SCP!



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