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Peel and Stick ESD Tiles

Ultimate static control for use over all hard surface flooring. Perfect for Portable Labs with Steel Flooring. Excellent for covering any hard surface substrate. ESD Tiles BUY NOW Button

Note: These Tiles are a special order product. For information on our in-stock Interlocking ESD Tiles for covering hard surface substrates consider  ElectraLock Interlocking ESD Tile.

Note: For Covering glued down thin pile carpet consider 301-AS Interlocking Tiles


Modular ESD Tile Installation

Titanium Electronic Blue Modular ESD Tiles in Control Room


INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE! Patent Pending and Only from United SCP!  Titanium Modular peel and stick ESD tiles feature a case hardened static dissipative top surface bonded to a full surface static conductive backing laminated to a unique peel and stick adhesive for easy installation over all hard surface flooring.

No messy adhesives, odors or disruptions. Your ESD floor is immediately ready to use and fully compliant to the latest most stringent standards. And the esthetics and colors? Awesome! An excellent choice for use in Electronic manufacturing, file server areas, 3D printing, control rooms and other mission critical static control environments. ElectraTile is not dependent on humidity for conductivity. It is static conductive and easily passes S20.20-2014. Drag chains and ESD casters interface flawlessly with this product.

Peel and stick esd tilesA mere 1/16" thick!  Eliminates tripping hazards.

MEETS latest ANSI-ESD S20.20-2014 standardsTougher than nails and easy to keep clean.

Trim to size with no loss of conductivityTrim to fit any size area with NO loss of static conductivity.

Lays FLAT right out of the boxEasy to use and FLAT right out of the box.

Perfect for use of STEEL flooringExcellent for use over steel flooring.

Odor FreeOdor free adhesive, dependable bond.

fork lift traffic approvedCapable of handling forklift traffic (pretest required).


Pale Gray

PN: Ti481

high resolution

Dark Gray

PN: Ti482

high resolution

Electronic Blue

PN: Ti483

high resolution

Clean White

PN: Ti480

high resolution


$39 each ($9.75 per Square foot). Peel and Stick ESD Tile, buy now button


Note: All ESD tile must be shipped, RECEIVED and stored FLAT to avoid damaging the tiles.


Return Policy and Warranty: ElectraTile Peel and Stick's have a Lifetime Warranty on Wear and Static Control Performance! They are a custom made product and are non-refundable.


Peel and Stick ESD Tiles over ESD Carpet

Our peel and stick ESD tiles are popular for use as chair mats over ESD Carpet. Roll Smoothly My Friend! PERFECT for FAA Command Centers, Tracons and labs! Note: No ground grid is required when used for covering ESD conductive surfaces (such as a grounded clean steel substrate). For covering electrically insulative surfaces (such as standard VCT, epoxy and other electrically insulative floor coverings) install an easy to apply electrical ground grid for optimum conductivity.


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