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Installation & Maintenance

Note: All ESD tiles must be shipped, RECEIVED and stored FLAT to avoid damaging the tiles.



ESD Tiles for covering steelFor Covering a Steel Subfloor: Remove rust and contaminants that may interfere with the adhesive, layout area, remove adhesive liner from the tiles and press them firmly in place. For optimum bond roll the area with a 100 pound vinyl roller. Download the full installation instructions for application over steel.

esd tiles for use over esd carpet (chair mats)For use as mats over ESD carpet: Remove contaminants that may interfere with the bonding of the adhesive by vacuuming the carpet. Lay out the area. Remove the entire liner from the peel and stick tile for optimum longevity. Remove a 2" wide section around the perimeter of the tile if a temporary installation is required. Press the tiles firmly in place.

Peel and stick tiles for use over standard flooringFor use in covering hard surface floors including concrete, epoxy: Clean the subfloor to remove contaminants that may interfere with the bonding of the peel and stick adhesives. Apply this easy to install ground grid for optimum electrical conductivity.

Note: When placing your order for copper foil calculate at least 4 linear feet of tape for each tile.

Note: The following photos are not to size. This is a representative model. Click Icons for larger photos.


How to install an esd flooring ground grid 1Divide the area in two. Snap a chalk line or mark a line with a pencil in the middle of the area or room. Divide the area in two the other direction and mark another line (in the middle). Apply the 1/2 inch wide copper tape directly adjacent to the chalk lines. Your substrate will have a copper cross in the middle of the area. Each peel and stick tile has a 4" x 4" aluminum ground pad located in the center of the tile so if your grid is off a little don't worry! It will contact the tiles just fine!


Installing an esd ground grid for peel and stick esd vinyl tilesInstall another run of copper tape 2' from the previous runs. You have now effectively covered the substrate with a 2' x 2' ground grid. For optimum ground grid conductivity center punch the overlapping copper foil.



Installing your first tile over the ground gridPeel the adhesive liner cover from the back of your 2' x 2' tile and install this tile in the middle of the area or room so it is straight with the layout. The center of these tiles have an aluminum pad that will make contact with the 1/2" wide copper ground grid tape. Insure the tiles are straight with the chalk lines or pencil marks.


Adding more tiles


Install new tiles in line with center tile.




Complete your installation of esd peel and stick tiles over the copper foil ground grid

Complete your area to the desired size. For the best esthetics roll the area with a 100 pound vinyl roller.




To electrically ground the structure install one of our "plug and play" peel and stick ground tiles (ordered separately) at a location that is close to an AC electrical outlet. Plug this tile into the wall outlet. For alternate methods of grounding the peel and stick esd flooring structures please click here.



Maintenance: Remove abrasives by dry dust mopping or vacuuming on a daily basis. Lightly damp mop as needed with a dilute solution of ElectraClean and water. Should a high gloss be required this product may be coated with 2 thin coats of ElectraGlaze ESD floor finish and spray buffed to a diamond like shine using ElectraShine. Two thin coats will not significantly alter the products outstanding electrical properties.


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1/2 inch wide copper foil ground grid tape.   

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