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Copper Foil Ground Tape

For Grounding ESD Flooring

Our ElectraTape Copper Foil is used to easily create ground grids for our Peel and Stick ESD Tiles and for grounding ESD Flooring materials and ESD matting. ElectraTape is made from an RoHS compliant electrical grade copper and backed with an adhesive designed for robust performance and long term reliability. ESD Tiles BUY NOW Button


Copper Foil Ground Tape for ESD Flooring

Grounding Tape for ESD Flooring

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ElectraTape is an electrically conductive copper foil tape backed with a robust adhesive that is covered with an easy to remove liner making the application of this material easy, fast and accurate.


ElectraTape is an excellent choice for grounding all ESD glue down tiles as it does not shadow through the vinyl like the thick 2" wide copper straps.


ElectraTape is used to create a ground grid that will promote excellent tile to tile conductivity when our Modular Peel and Stick Titanium ESD Tiles are placed on insulative surfaces such as VCT, Epoxy, carpet etc. (ElectraTape is not required when placing the peel and stick tiles on a grounded steel subfloor or an ESD flooring material).


Application: Clean the substrate to remove dirt, oil and products that may interfere with the adhesive. Mark the area where the grid will be required using a pencil or chalk line. Remove the liner from the tape and press it down on the substrate next to the marking. While walking backwards slightly pull the tape while removing the liner (this provides a straight wrinkle free run). Place the tape down and press it firmly in place. For optimum conductivity center punch the tape if it crosses another run (the backing is non conductive). Place the center of the peel and stick tiles (the 4" aluminum pad in the center of the tiles) over the grid work. Order a peel and stick ground tile to ground the entire assembly.


How it works: The peel and stick ESD tiles have a very thin 4" x 4" aluminum pad located in the center of each tile. This aluminum pad is in intimate contact with the conductive full surface backing of the ESD tile. A static charge flows thru the top portion of the tile, into the conductive backing on the tiles where the charge bridges the tiles of the structure (via the copper tape). The charge from the entire structure dissipates harmlessly to ground via the "plug and play" ground tile.


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static conductive handleElectrical Grade Copper.

static dissipative brush fibersRoHS Compliant.

chemical resistant handles and brush fibersA mere .002" thick for minimal shadow thru.

non sparkingMaintains tile to tile conductivity.

ESD brush with NO carbon sloughing Designed for use with ESD flooring and more.




Thickness including adhesive



1/2" (.500)


41', 82' and 165 feet

Conductivity of copper

<1 ohm




Part Number: E-Tape-Copper

Weight: 1 Pound

Cost: 41 foot roll: $31.66    82 foot roll: $57.26    165 foot roll:  $86.65

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