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Steve's Ancient ESD tile installs (a short list).


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Heat Welded 2 'X 2' ESD Vinyl Titanium Tiles, 23,000 SF, Ultimate shine and scuff resistance.  Installation site: Pueblo Colorado, circa 1999





ElectraTile White Ice ESD Tiles 20,000 S F Located in Laughton VA.  Check out THIS finish using our ElectraGlaze ESD Wax, circa 2002



ElectraTile ESD tiles, 60,000 sf.  Customers comment: "like a white sheet of ice." Installation site:  Monterrey Mexico. Client ElcoTeq.  circa 2001



In these extremely critical portable laboratories, heat welded Titanium esd sheet flooring provides "seamless" static control protection while the heat welded seams between the sheets provide mechanical protection from water and chemicals. Install site. New Jersey. Customer SeaBox. circa 2001




This 38,000 SF floor located in Tecate' Mexico required over 2000 lbs of concrete patching compound to repair the severally pocked substrate prior to covering it with ElectraTile. circa 2001



Austin Manufacturing, Austin Texas. About 25,000 SF. ElectraTile 1' x 1' tiles coated with 3 thin coats of ElectraGlaze and high speed polished with a propane polisher. Check out the finish (click the icon). circa 2002



This hard drive burn in oven and our ElectraTile ESD premium flooring will experience a temperature up to 160 Deg at 55% rH!  Temps will cycle! Just NOT suitable for typical ESD Vinyl's or typical flooring installers!  Material selected: 12" x 12" ESD conductive ElectraTile, All seams were heat welded and the esd flooring material was installed at temperatures in excess of 100 deg F PLUS (to help replicate thermal expansion when in use. Customer Seagate. Facility located in Colorado. circa 2001





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