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VPI Conductile / VPI Statmate ESD Tiles!

Premium ESD Floor Tiles at a Realistic Price. American made, predictable and reliable ESD properties that require no coatings or finishes to provide their outstanding static control properties. ANSI ESD S20.20 compliant! Adhesive provided AT NO CHARGE with each order! In stock and ready to ship! Click here to buy online

VPI installed in clean room electronic manufacturing environment

VPI ESD Flooring, Perfect for Advanced  Manufacturing

Includes conductive adhesive and grounding hardware!

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VPI Conductile and Statmate ESD Tiles are designed specifically for THE most demanding of manufacturing environments including clean rooms, labs, hard drive manufacturing, DOD applications and more. VPI tiles feature exceptional wear characteristics in concert with the highest surface finish and most consistent electrical properties of ANY ESD tile on the market.

VPI provides the utmost in electrical performance, aesthetics AND resiliency. VPI's micro ground edges and high tolerance square shape provides a near seamless appearance! Some imported ESD Tiles can break or shatter because they are loaded with reconstituted, cheap limestone based recycled clay fillers.

NOT SO with VPI!

VPI anti-static tiles are a pure vinyl providing one of the highest static load limits in the industry. And, VPI's encapsulated conductive elements (distributed evenly throughout the tiles) provides exceptional electrical consistency and thorough-tile-to-ground charge decay without the carbon sloughing that makes the maintenance of some esd tiles a nightmare!


Start to finish: VPI is American MadeTHE Highest Quality and Value!

Meets ANSI  ESD S20.20-2007Made in the USA by a RELIABLE manufacturer!

VPI tiles won't shrink break or degrade over timeWon't shrink, break or delaminate like some tiles by other suppliers!

High shine and easy to maintainLow to no maintenance, beautiful shine, premier wear resistance!

Precision dimensionsPrecision dimensions! Truly SQUARE for FLAWLESS installations!

static dissipative AND static conductiveOptions in conductivity!

Meets 97.1, excellent charge decayMany colors IN STOCK and Ready to Ship!

Excellent electrical properties. Conductive adhesive, grounding hardware and 24/7 live tech support available at no charge with your order!


Vinyl Products Incorporated (VPI) of Sheboygan Wisconsin in the United States of America invented esd tiles around 1959. Since that time Anti Static Floor Tiles have grown to be a common choice in esd flooring for static control. VPI tiles are made start to finish in Sheboygan, by folks that only make esd tiles every working day of their life! As of late the esd vinyl tile market has been overrun by cheap overseas knock offs of the original VPI product. The cheap knock offs may LOOK the same but the differences are significant. Many cheap imports are prone to shrinkage (they fit tight when installed but a gap of about an 1/8th of an inch occurs after about a year of service). In addition, many cheap knock offs also are out of square, have issues with dimensional stability, carbon sloughing (the conductive carbon in the tile rubs off making them hard to keep clean) and a multitude of other manufacturing flaws. NOT SO with VPI.


Conductile Specifications

Statmate Specifications

Conductile and Statmate Color Selection


Moisture testing of concrete slab

Substrate Preparation


165 adhesive replaces older 160 adhesive

165 adhesive SDS sheet

ESD Tile maintenance


Electrical Resistance Test Equipment


1 to 67 cartons - $318.60 per Carton ($7.08 PSF)

68 cartons and above - Call for special pricing

45 ea 12" x 12" tiles per carton, (adhesive included at no charge)

Guaranteed BEST Online Pricing in the USA!


Standard Size: 1/8 inch thick, 12" x 12"  -  No minimum order quantity, all colors generally in stock

Optional Sizes: 24" x 24" and 36" x 36"  -  No longer available.

Heat Welding Option: Pre-grooved for heat welding available (minor up charges apply).

Carton Quantity: 12" x 12"- 45 SF (45 tiles) per carton. Weight per carton, 53 pounds.

Carton Quantity: 24" x 24" - 40 SF (10 tiles) per carton. Weight per carton, 48 pounds.

Carton Quantity: 36" x 36" - 54 SF (6 tiles) per carton. Weight per carton, 65 pounds.

Bulk Packed on skid: available for 24" and 36" tiles (large orders) at no charge - saves opening cartons.

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