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ElectraThane Static Dissipative Clear Coat

Application, Maintenance, Specifications


ElectraThane Static Dissipative Sealer for Epoxy

ElectraThane applied using our high speed applicator system


APPLICATION & MAINTENANCE: ElectraThane is recommended for applications on fully cured ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy Floor Paint, Standard Epoxy and VCT Tile. Prior to application of ElectraThane thoroughly clean the substrate and remove all substances that may interfere with the bonding. Remove loose dirt and dust via sweeping and or vacuuming. If sweeping compounds are needed use only oil free products. For application over standard epoxy remove all scuff marks and damp mop or auto-scrub the substrate using 8 ounces of ElectraClean mixed with a gallon of clean cool water. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly prior to application of ElectraThane. NOTE: ElectraThane is a clear sealer, should the substrate contain shoe prints etc. these will show through the coating. Agitate the ElectraThane sealant in the container prior to use. Pour the sealer into a clean contaminant free bucket and mop on one thin even coat using non linting synthetic finish mops or our high speed sealer / wax applicator system.


Allow the coat to dry (depending on humidity and temperature) for 60 to 90 minutes before re-application of following coat (s). Two coats are recommended for optimal performance on ElectraGuard and to eliminate nuance static from standard epoxy. 5 to 6 coats are recommended when used as a static dissipative clear coat on top of standard VCT and standard Epoxy. Effective recoating may be achieved in the following manner: Dry dust mop the ElectraThane to remove dust. Wash the floor with ElectraClean to remove dirt and soil. Allow time to let the floor dry thoroughly. Apply thin even coats using a lint free finish mop. Allow ElectraThane to dry for approximately 60 minutes between coats and before resumption of foot traffic. Allow to dry 24 hours prior to resumption of heavy rolling loads.


ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: ElectraThane sealer is an extremely durable urethane enhanced static dissipative sealer. After the application and curing of ElectraThane routine maintenance (to be expected with any floor) is all that is required to maintain the luster and conductivity of the finish. It's important to remove abrasives that can scratch and degrade the conductivity by dry dust mopping (usually on a daily basis). As Needed: Damp-mop ElectraThane with a diluted mixture of ElectraClean and clean water. Note: Do not wash your ElectraThane ESD Floor sealer for at least 48 hours after application and NEVER wash ElectraThane with plain water (always use ElectraClean diluted with water) for damp moping or auto scrubbing.




Nonvolatile Solids

20 +

Total Active / pH

26% / 8.4 - 9.0

AntiStatic Properties of 5 to 6 coats when applied to standard VCT Tiles, ElectraGuard Non Conductive (NC) and standard epoxy.

5,000 to < 500 @ <0.6 Seconds (41%rH).

<1.0E10 PTP per ANSI ESD S7.1

Static Dissipation / AntiStatic Properties when applied to ElectraGuard Conductive.

5,000 to < 500 @ < 0.2 Seconds (18%rH).

<1.0E09 PTP per ANSI ESD S7.1

Gloss 60 

80+ @ 3 coats


Translucent white

Weight Per Gallon

9.8 pounds

Slip Resistance (ASTM)

0.65 Minimum


2 year minimum at room temperature

Freeze/Thaw Stability

3 cycles minimum

Drying Time

60-90 minutes

Chemical Resistance


Gallon Coverage (Feet 2 )

1500 - 2000

Removability (Gardner)

75 cycles maximum

This material is not a hazardous mixture, as defined in 29 CFR 1919, 1200 and M.G.L. c. 111F. Safety glasses and gloves should be worn during application and handling. If ingested drink milk, water, or fruit juice and induce vomiting with oil of ipecac. In the event of eye contact flush area with water for 15 minutes. Contact a Physician. For detailed information consult the SDS sheet.









1 gallon: PN E-Thane 1, $68.79 ea, weight 10 lbs

Case Lot (4 ea 1 gallon containers): $269.50*, 40 lbs

5 Gallon Pail: $318.95*, 50 lbs

*Note: Substantial Discount on 3+ Units.

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