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Transform Standard Epoxy Floors into ESD Flooring

Save the Cost and Disruptions of Tearing Out the Old Floor!


Titanium ESD Sheet Vinyl and URAS Peel and Stick Adhesive.

A Permanenet Non Disruptive SOLUTION for Mission Critical ESD Compliance!

ESD Flooring OVER Standard Epoxy

Titanium ESD Sheet Vinyl Covering Non ESD Epoxy in an Electronic Manufacturing Environment. Seamless PERMANENT Static Control and no need to removed the old Epoxy or other hard surface flooring.


The Problem: The old flooring is in good condition - it's well bonded, looks decent, but It's NOT ESD Flooring! It's EASY to generate relatively intense amounts of static on standard flooring. Some floors (like standard epoxy) will generate well over 5,000 volts when rolling a cart or walking across them. And, with today's standards 100 volts is the most that can be generated to pass ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014! Plus, the tear out of that old flooring is an expensive, dusty and disruptive nightmare of down time and lost production! Or, maybe the existing flooring is VAT (vinyl asbestos tiles). Not only do these tiles create high static voltages the cost of asbestos abatement is Astronomical!

The Solution: Old hard surface factory flooring is a perfect substrate for covering with Titanium Sheet Vinyl and Titanium sheet vinyl is PERFECT for use with our URAS peel and stick Adhesives! Titanium Sheet Vinyl in concert with URAS adhesive provides an outstanding solution for solving the headaches, cost and disruptions associated with removing thick set epoxy and other hard surface flooring. The install is odor and dust free and provides safe reliable anchoring of the new flooring to the old substrate.

Compliant to the most stringent ESD StandardsCompliant to ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 & TR-53. Pass ESD Audits with Ease!
Excellent Combination resistance valuesCombination resistance values (chairs, carts etc) interface flawlessly!
Cost effective - less than interlocking tilesSaves the super High cost and Disruptions of tearing out the old floor.
Environmentally ResponsibleEnvironmentally Responsible! Odor free and Dust Free installation!
PERMANENT static control properties15 year track record, lifetime, PERMANENT static control properties.
excellent for coveing epoxy. Asbestos Tile, ANY hard surface floorCover old VCT, VAT, Epoxy, most ANY Hard surface floor.
seamless ESD flooring, extreme cleanCost Effective and SEAMLESS for the cleanest easiest to maintain floor in the industry!

What is Titanium? Titanium is a 2 mm thick resilient Vinyl flooring featuring a FULL SURFACE static conductive backing with a diamond hard top surface. Titanium has a 15 year track record of clients reporting zero issues with wear or degradation of its superb static control properties. It is available in four designer colors and is typically in stock. Titanium handles chair casters, carts, forklifts and other types of traffic flawlessly. Plus - unlike mere tiles, it's seamless. With no place for dirt to hide a simple dust mopping makes the flooring look like it's just been damp mopped.

What is URAS? URAS are environmentally sensitive, nylon fiber reinforced peel and stick (dry) adhesives. URAS Releasable features a top layer with an aggressive bond. The bottom layer (that contacts the old floor) has less bond strength allowing for the removal and repurposing of the ESD floor. URAS Max Pro is designed for permanent installations and features an aggressive bond on both surfaces of the adhesive sheets.  The wax paper liner (that is removed during the installation) is made of recyclable content adding to its environmental responsibility.

Installation in a Nut Shell: Remove wax and residues from the existing flooring. Cover with URAS leaving the liner in place. Double cut the adhesive and remove the dross from beneath. Overlay the adhesive liner with Titanium Sheet Vinyl and double cut for seams. Roll back the flooring. Remove the adhesive liner. Install ground. Roll the flooring on top of the adhesive and roll over it with a 100 pound vinyl roller. Groove and heat weld the seams.

Results: When Titanium and URAS are used in concert the results are phenomenal static control properties, a dust and odor free installation, dependable wear performance that can handle ANY type of traffic and unparalleled ease of maintenance. The cost is much less than other options such as interlocking tiles or removing the old flooring AND better for the environment (land fills have enough old flooring - why feed them more).

Professional installation of ESD flooringUnited professionally installs these floors nationwide! Along with professional installation we provide full certification to the latest ANSI, NFPA or DOD Standards. Free of charge: No Headaches, No Hassles and on time completion.



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Published 03/03/2023

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