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EconoStat ESD Bench Top Matting

 Anti-Static ESD Table Top Matting, Excellent Static Charge Decay Characteristics. Perfect for use when working with high voltage power supplies. Excellent for packaging areas. Mat Kits and Full Rolls. Available in gray or blue

Full Rolls Shipped FREE in the Continental USA! New! Common point ground cord included at NO CHARGE with antistatic bench top mat kits made from this material!

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EconoStat Static Dissipative Bench Top Matting

 Outstanding Charge Decay Characteristics

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United SCP's EconoStat is a homogenous (solid) vinyl that has been rendered static dissipative with the addition of a hygroscopic additive that absorbs ambient humidity. Thus imparting the matting with static conductivity in the high static dissipative range of electrical resistance.


EconoStat is an extremely clean material that is FOD free. Its robust composition makes it an excellent choice for packaging items in a protected status (e.g. in static safe bags).


This products higher electrical resistance values  provide excellent static control in concert with added safety when working with high voltage power supplies. EconoStat is a perfect choice for home offices as well as many industrial static control applications.


EconoStat is not meant for use with ESD constant monitors as it does not contain a carbon backing or internally conductive inner scrim yet the static dissipative properties are excellent! In this testing we have charged a wary technician to a negative 1,547 volts! Although this seems like a lot of static, in reality, this is not a high enough voltage to feel the static discharge (but it is easily high enough to damage static sensitive components).


These are the results when a person comes into contact with the mat:


Charge Decay of ESD table Top Mat



THICKNESS: .060 (1/16 of an inch)

COLORS: Sky Blue of Dove Gray

AVAILABILITY: 2, 30 inch, 3 and 4 foot widths. Full Rolls and Custom Cuts



PTP PER ANSI/ESD STM4.1-2017: >1.0E06 <1.0E10 @ 38% rH

RTG PER ANSI/ESD STM4.1-2017: >1.0E06 <1.0E10 @ 38% rH





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Available in Gray or Blue

2' x 50'


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30" x 50'


3' x 50'


4' x 50'




Available in Gray or Blue

2' x 2'


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New! Common Point Ground Cord now included with Each Custom Cut Mat made from this material!
















2' x 3'


2' x 4'


2' x 5'


2' x 6'


2' x 7'


2' x 8'


30" x 2'


30" x 3'


30" x 4'


30" x 5'


30" x 6'


30" x 7'


30" x 8'


3' x 3'


3' x 4'


3' x 5'


3' x 6


3' x 7'


3' x 8'



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