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ElectraDyne Series 3000

Conductive Carpet for Mission Critical ESD Control


Broadloom AND Carpet Tiles! Static control that beats static dissipative carpeting hands down. Double needled, TWICE the face weight of ANY other esd carpeting. Ultimate Static Control Properties. As conductive as premium ESD Tiles yet safe and comfortable to walk on. Premier sound deadening capabilities. Easily compliant to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 and for use in all ESD control areas. Perfect for Factory Flooring, Electronic Assembly and true Mission Critical Static Control Areas.

Experience the Difference!

Broadloom HEAVY DUTY anti static carpeting icon

ULTIMATE wear resistance in concert with premium ESD Control. Only from United!  

ElectraDyne esd control carpet provides powerful static control in concert with THE most aggressive wear resistance in the industry. ElectraDyne's electrical conductivity interfaces flawlessly with carts, chairs and personnel thus providing EASY compliance to the latest ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards. Professional colors, sound deadening properties and permanent protection from static induced issues a concern? Think ElectraDyne Series 3000


Over TWICE as thick as any other ESD Carpet on the Market!


ElectraDyne is an extremely heavy-duty industrial grade carpet manufactured with a 42 oz. solution dyed ASOTA highly UV stable, colorfast Olefin staple fiber, blended with a graphite conductive fiber. 

The proprietary Fiber-V-Loop double needle manufacturing process anchors the fibers securely to an exclusive static dissipative backing for ravel-free edges and the utmost in physical and electrical performance.  

Static control is no longer an option. Itís a necessity.

ElectraDyne provides excellent sound absorption and anti-fatigue properties.  Available in roll form (50' X 6.6') or 20" x 20" carpet tiles ElectraDyne can be installed permanently with our Conductive Liquid Adhesive or semi-permanently with our United 2000  Releasable Adhesive Tape (perfect for access flooring, leased facility's or clients that may wish to change the configuration of the install area at a later date).

tv staticCrisp clean PROFESSIONAL appearance!

tv static17 to 20% recycled content.

tv staticISO 9001 Certified.

tv staticUV Stable - will not fade from sunlight.

tv staticBeautiful colors and textures!

tv staticMeets stringent indoor air quality requirements.

tv staticSeamless conductivity!

tv staticUltimate sound dampening. Quiet is NICE!

tv staticOutstanding ergonomic comfort!

tv staticCrush Resistant! Handles any type of traffic!

tv staticEasy Removal of mud, grime and stains.

tv staticTHE most powerful static control properties in the Industry!

tv staticMeets THE latest requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20!





Description: ElectraDyne is an industrial carpet designed for extreme service. It is used in ESD control areas such as electronics manufacturing, military, telecommunications, sensitive data processing centers and more.


Manufacturing Technology: Patented and PROPRIETARY non woven Fiber-V-Loop double needling process from branded staple extrusion dyed olefin and graphite conductive fibers. Total Weight: 75-80 ounces per square yard. Acrylic dispersion primary with static conductive rubber backing.

Composition: Fiber blend 18-140 dpf olefin branded ASOTA staple fiber with graphite conductive fiber absent of scrim or inter liner. 42 oz/ sy face weight, 1400 g/m2

Binder: Acrylic dispersion with conductive additives.

Backing: Heavy Black conductive vinyl. 20 oz. / sy. approx., 700 g/m2 approx.

Total Weight: 72 ounces / sy approx, 2500 g/m2 approx.

Availability: Rolls, 6'6 X 50' (36.11 square yards / 325 square feet per roll)

ASTM ESD S20.20-2014, S 7.1


>1.0E04, <1.0E06

ASTM ESD S20.20-2014, S7.1

Combination Resistance


ASTM ESD S20.20-2014, 97.2


<100 v, (< 17 v typical)

AATCC 134, Neolite soles

Max voltage, step / scuff

< 0.05 kV*

AATCC 134, SDPU soles

Max voltage, step  / scuff

< 0.02 kV*

FTMS 4046/101

Static decay

<0.01 sec

DIN 16961.2

static load limit

>700 psi


residual indentation

.002" avg.

Taber 1000 gm weight

H-18, 5000 cycles

1.1% loss

Taber 1000 gm weight

H-18 to wear layer penetration

>20,000 cycles

ASTM D-2047-3

James test

.5 approx

Notes: This carpeting meets or exceeds the requirements of Federal Specification LF-475a and SST 312b for flexibility, dimensional stability, resistance to reagents and residual indentation. *kV Rating; AATCC 134-1996 electrostatic propensity is less than 0.4kV (400 volts) tested at 12 % RH, 70 Degrees F. Flame retardant. Meets DOC FF 1-70 as supplied in its standard form. Meets ASTM E648 Radiant panel, .73W/cm2, Class 1 as an option.


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ElectraDyne Series 3000  - Powerful Performance, Outstanding Value!



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