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ESD Broadloom & Tiles

Series 3000 ESD Broadloom is supplied in partial or full rolls. A full roll is 6.5' wide and 50' long. The outside diameter (O. D.) of the full rolls is approximately 20 inches. The weight of a full roll is 200 pounds. Tiles are available in cartons. The tiles are 20" x 20".


Current Availability

ESD carpet tiles and broadloom, Crystal Blue Persuasion

Crystal Blue Persuasion 0144, Tiles and Broadloom


ESD Broadloom and Tile Carpeting, Red Rocks

Red Rock Beige 0430, Tiles and Broadloom


ESD Carpet Tile and Broadloom, Colorado Black Onyx

Colorado Black Onyx 0200,  Tiles and Broadloom

ESD Broadloom and Tile Carpet, Silver Dollar Trail

Silver Dollar Trail 0220, Tiles and Broadloom



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