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Static Dissipative Tri-Layer Floor Mat for use over thin pile carpet and hard surface flooring. Mat Kits and Full Rolls.

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NOTE: This material is no longer available in precuts (small individual mats)


Stephen R Cooter, Director of EngineeringI'm Stephen C, I've been the Director of Engineering with United since 2003! Alas, we're currently experiencing supply chain issues with Ultima. I would HIGHLY Recommend our ElectraDyne Titanium Series ESD Floor Mats as a replacement. It's tougher, easier to keep clean, available in several colors and is warranted to never wear out or lose it's superior static control properties! IN STOCK and ready to ship!

Up to 4' widths, any length      Up to 16'' wide and 25' long



Tri-Layer Conductivity for advanced PERMANENT static control protection that is not dependent on humidity for conductivity. Ultima provides an electrical resistance in the static dissipative range for a controlled static decay rate. Ultima is a suitable alternative to expensive anti-static (static dissipative) ESD flooring. It's tough, resilient, comfortable on the feet, permanently conductive and features a non slip texture that also reduces tribocharging.

Static Dissipative Floor Mat, S20.20-2014 compliant to 97.2, up to 6 foot widths

Ultima ESD Floor Matting, up to 4 foot widths

Ultima Static Dissipative floor matting is an extremely tough, robust vinyl manufactured using our proprietary 3 layer construction technique. The wear resistant top surface features a lightly textured, slip resistant antistatic material bonded to a full surface conductive inner layer for equipotential grounding. Click here to view anti slip texture and color.

This inner layer of conductivity eliminates electrical dead spots and provides a package resistance that is one of the most reliable in the industry. This layer is further bonded to a static dissipative bottom surface that provides mechanical strength and longevity.

THE RESULTS ARE IN: Ultima's low tribocharging and efficient charge decay make it a perfect choice for any area requiring a static dissipative floor matting AND it's outstanding indestructible mechanical properties allow it to be used on thin pile carpeting as well as hard surface flooring (like concrete and VCT).  An Ultima anti static mat or runner can be a perfect product for use in communications, file server rooms, sophisticated 911 centers, medical manufacturing, command center electronics, electronic manufacturing and more. Ultima - Tames the Static Beast BEFORE it Takes Another Byte!

Static Dissipative floor mat for use on thin carpetApproved for use around energized equipment

Meets FAA STD 019e, ATIS-0600321.2010 & Motorola R56Meets FAA STD 019e

Meets FAA STD 019e, ATIS-0600321.2010 & Motorola R56Meets ATIS-0600321.2010 & Motorola R56

Static dissipative, meets ANSI ESD S20.20-2014, 97.2Meets ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 standards 

permanent static dissipative  propertiesTri-Layer ADVANCED permanent conductivity.

Compliant to MIL, JEDC and ANSI ReceomendationsFor use on hard surfaces and short pile carpet.

6 SIX foot wide ESD floor matUp to 4 Foot Widths and 50' Long.

Tough resilient static control floor mat Tougher than nails, Indestructible.

floor mat for use on thin carpetHandles chair caster traffic.


THICKNESS: 3/16 of an inch


BEVEL: Not available - straight cut

AVAILABILITY: 3 and 4 foot widths. Up to 50 feet long.  Full Rolls and Mat Kits


PTP PER ESD 7.1: >1.0E06 <1.0E09

RTG PER ESD 7.1: >1.0E06 <1.0E09

TYPICAL RTG @ 30%rH, 100VDC, 71 Deg F: 5.32E07

Cut Sheet


Heavy Duty 3 Layer Vinyl Static Dissipative ESD Floor Mat
Product # 185-AS


3' x 50'


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4' x 50'





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