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Static Solutions WS-1037 Metal Band ESD Wrist Strap

Includes the Patented Anti-Static Ground Cord

Special of the Month Pricing: $21.32 each

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Static Solutions WS-1037 Metal Band ESD Wrist Strap with anti-static ground cord


American Made ESD Wrist Straps

The Static Solutions Ohm-Stat WS-1037 is a premium grade metal band ESD wrist strap. Its smooth operating expansion links provide a comfortable non pinch fit. One size fits most. 


These straps are perfect for mission critical static control protection and are clean room compatible and FOD free.


The internal metal links are made of a premium medical grade stainless steel that provides hypoallergenic protection for technicians with sensitive skin.


The WS-1037 is provided with a tight fitting 4 mm ground snap to eliminate errant disconnects of the strap to the ground cord for premium reliability. The ground cords will stretch to 10 feet and are coated with a static free insulator that is designed for heavy duty use.


Compare this strap to other premium metal band ESD wrist straps from our competition at $30.72 each!


  • Non flaking molded static free external surfaces

  • One size fits most

  • Protects users and static-sensitive devices from electrical hazards

  • Outperforms ESD S 1.1 Standards

  • Superior Contact with Skin

  • Clean room and FOD Safe! No chipping paint or fraying of fabric

  • Patent buckle and cord: Unique design for snug fit

  • Patent #6,426,859 B1

  • No-Pinch Design

  • Comfortable!

  • Long Lasting: Will outlast and outperform the competition

  • High Grade Buckle Medical Grade Stainless Steel: Non Allergenic!

  • Will last a lifetime

  • Fluorescent green

  • Tedlar free

  • Band, buckle and cord are antistatic-no problems will occur when it comes close to static sensitive devices.

Part Number SS WS-1037

Now just $21.32 each (call for quantity discounts)

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