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ElectraFlow HD-303

Mission Critical ESD Ionizer with Air Filtration

For Use on Tabletops, Bench Tops and Shelves


HD-303 ESD Bench Top Ionizers

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The minute you open the box you'll appreciate the attention to detail and quality built into each of our HEAVY DUTY HD-303's. This is the REAL THING with upgrades only available from United SCP!

The HD-303 is used by major companies worldwide and considered the industrial workhorse of ESD Bench Top ionizers. A horse you can depend on for long term satisfaction, reliability and performance! The HD-303's are perfect for use as a stand alone ESD ionizer on a table top or work bench and can also be conveniently mounted under ESD workstation shelving or used as an overhead ionizer. This ionizer features a filtered, high output air delivery system in concert with a circular arrangement of 12 tungsten alloy emitter points to provide an intense alternating electric field of powerful (yet balanced) ionic output.


These units feature a super heavy duty power supply, wiring and emitter points! Our Heavy Duty ElectraFlow Ionizers are so robust we provide them with and a full THREE Year Warranty. With a typical emitter point life of 5 to 10 years (and easy to change if needed) you may ask yourself why would I pay for a $512.00 for a similar but less powerful ionizer that doesn't include free shipping or a 3 year warranty? Place your order with United SCP, save your ESD program a substantial amount of money and get the high quality and performance you demand from a reliable supplier with a great product and a proven track record.


Ionizer bulletPowerful! High performance output, an outstanding value

Ionizer bulletPatented self balancing ionic output

Ionizer bulletPatented emitter point cleaner, Tungsten alloy long life emitters

Ionizer bulletFiltered air and Ion generation indicator lamp

Ionizer bulletAdjustable high output multi speed fan

Ionizer bulletCertificate of compliance at no charge with each unit

Ionizer bullet+/- 6 volt offset voltage balance! No calibration required

Ionizer bulletPerfect for bench top, overhead or shelf mount

Ionizer bulletHeavy duty mounting bracket included at no charge

Ionizer bulletAluminum alloy housing, powder coated ANTI STATIC finish

Ionizer bulletTHREE Year Written Warranty! Built to last a lifetime! The HD-303 meets or exceeds the recommended technical requirements of ANSI/ESD S 20.20- 2014 tested in accordance with STM3.1.


Specifications and Installation


$499.99 Each

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