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ECONOSTAT FM Anti-Static Floor Mats

Low Low Static Generation, Excellent Charge Decay, Custom Sizes and Full Rolls

New! Free Floor mat ground cord included with each precut floor mat! New! Free shipping* on all full rolls of this ESD Matting going to our Clients in the Continental U.S.A.

anti-static comfort matting

Anti-Static Comfort Mat


EconoStat FM anti-static floor matting is an expanded foam comfort matting with good charge decay characteristics and very low static generation.

This material offers conductivity in the very the high static dissipative range for a controlled yet efficient static decay rate. 

EconoStat FM is easy to keep clean yet great at laying flat and not curling. It's a great choice for economical yet reliable static control protection when working with ESD sensitive products that are in a "protected" status.

EconoStat FM is an excellent choice for use in end user environments too! Recommended for covering hard surface flooring only (not for use over carpet).

Outstanding Value! The Zap Stops Here!

Indestructible AntiStatic  MatEconomical and easy to keep clean!

low low static generationGood static decay! 2kV to 200v in < 2 seconds!  

low low static generationHomogenous LOW static generation!!

Clean Surface with NO carbon SloughingClean! No carbon sloughing.

Perfect AntiStatic Mat for Non Critical Packaging AreasPerfect for non critical ESD control areas including server rooms, packaging areas, perfect for use with high voltage power supplies and around energized equipment. Keeps the static to a minimum even in standard footwear. Controls static and STOPS the zaps!


Colors: Gray

Thickness: .060

Availability: Rolls and custom cuts



PTP: 108-1010 ohms per ANSI/ESD S7.1 @ >50% rH, 100 Volts

RTG: 108-1010 ohms per ANSI/ESD S7.1 @ >50% rH, 100 Volts



5,000 to 1/10 of initial charge in under 2 seconds


Economy Anti-Static Matting, Full Rolls and Precut Sizes
Part Number: 166 FM



Available in Gray

2' x 50'


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30" x 50'


3' x 50'


4' x 50'




Available in Gray

2' x 2'


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New! Common Point Ground Cord now included with Each Custom Cut Mat made from this material!
















2' x 3'


2' x 4'


2' x 5'


2' x 6'


2' x 7'


2' x 8'


30" x 2'


30" x 3'


30" x 4'


30" x 5'


30" x 6'


30" x 7'


30" x 8'


3' x 3'


3' x 4'


3' x 5'


3' x 6


3' x 7'


3' x 8'



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