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Anti-Fatigue  / Anti Static flooring Runners and mats. Low Low Static Generation, Good Charge Decay Custom Sizes and Full Rolls

ElectraStat Anti-Fatigue matting is an economical anti static / anti-fatigue floor matting material. It features low static generation properties that maintain their consistency throughout the entire thickness of the matting.

ElectraStat 175's unique textured surface help protect employees from slips (even when wet) while it's superb cushioning provides years of increased employee comfort AND productivity! ElectraStat Type 175-AS is excellent for use when packaging ESD sensitive items that are in a protected status (e.g. items in static control bags or enclosures). Type 175 is dependent on ambient humidity for its conductivity. Hence its electrical properties (needed for static control) will range from 1.0E07 to as high as 1.0E10.

  • Designed for hard surface floor applications

  • Provides fatigue relief from prolonged standing

  • Non-slip surface, very low electrical conductivity.

  • Beveling on two sides only except 60' rolls.

  • The most economical anti-static fatigue mat available.

  • Color: Gray

  • Thickness: 3/8 (0.375) (9.52 mm)

  • Surface Resistivity < 1.0 E10 (per ESD S7.1 @ >38 % rH

  • NOTE: Typically not recommended for use under chairs, stools & carts without being covered with a harder more robust material such as our Titanium ESD chair mats.

ElectraStat Type 175-AS:


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2' x 60'


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3' x 60'


4' x 60'


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2' x 4'


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2' x 6'


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3' x 4'


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3' x 8'


3' x 10'


4' x 4'


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4' x 8'


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