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Disposable Heel Grounders for Static Control

Perfect for visitors, temp workers and errant employees that always lose their heel straps!  esd wrist strap bullet


Our 109-AS Disposable ESD Heel Straps are perfect for visitors, temp workers etc. These straps test well with standard heel strap testers, they are compliant, very economical and brightly colored.


PN 109-AS Disposable ESD Heel Straps

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These economical DISPOSABLE ESD heel grounders are specifically designed to provide a continuous ground path between the user and a properly grounded ESD floor or floor matting material.


Provided in perforated sheets of ten (simply tear off and ready to use) these high quality nylon heel grounders are PERFECT for visitors, temporary employees and more. Our PN 109-AS easily passes ANSI ESD test procedures. They feature easy deployment and a secure attachment to all shoes.


Simply peel liner from bottom of the strap, place adhesive strip on heel, wrap the strap up and inside of shoe and Get to Work! Safe, dependable, fast deployment and inexpensive protection from the damaging effects of technician induced electrostatic discharge!

  • PERFECT for visitors, temporary workers and more

  • Meets ANSI/ESD S 20.20-2021, SP9.2-2019 at <1.0E09

  • Works with all types of shoes (not recommended for boots)

  • Fast deployment, easy to use!

  • Quality disposable at an economical price

  • Nylon, soft comfortable and long lasting

  • Passes latest standards

  • Compatible with combo testers

  • High adhesion to all types of heels

  • Packaged in convenient sheets of 10 each (50 to a package)

Part Number: 109-AS - Disposable

Disposable ESD Heel Grounds

$18.99 for 50 straps!

(5 sheets of 10)

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