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For ESD Heel Straps AND ESD Wrist Straps

Includes Tester, Wall Mount Station, Heavy Duty Metal Foot Plate, Plate to Tester Connection Cable and Compliance Certification. INCLUDES 3 Years worth of FREE Yearly compliance re certifications (customer responsible for shipping charges of products). 

Photo: Wall Mount ESD Test Station and MEtal Foot Plate

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Photo of Kit with Descriptions of Enclosed Items

Wall Mount ESD Test Station with Foot Plate and Compliance Certificate.

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When working with static sensitive product the first line of defense (for seated technicians) is generally an ESD wrist strap. For standing technicians (that are working on an ESD floor or static conductive floor mat) heel straps may be used in place of wrist straps. As such itís important to test esd wrist straps and heel straps on a frequent ongoing basis.

Our SI-502 Wall Mount ESD Wrist and Heel Strap Tester and Metal Footplate provides Fast Reliable Testing of the Technician's Conductivity  in Combination with their Straps. The SI-502 strikes the perfect balance between cost, performance and longevity and is powered by an easy to replace 9 volt battery that will provide 1000's of test before needing replaced.

Unlike some testers that require an extensive and expensive learning period, this robust tester features an easy to comprehend Hi-Fail / Low-Fail / Pass set of LED readouts and a built in audio signal that quickly lets the technician know that their test is complete and their straps are in compliance to the new ANSI standards.

Each unit is supplied with a certificate of calibration valid for one year Ė recertification's are available from United SCP at no cost for a period of 3 years however the customer is responsible for shipping to and from our labs. The wall mount test station is approximately 12" x 10". The Metal footplate is approximately 12" x 12". The SI-502 is Warranted for 1 year from the original date of purchase and may also be used to test primary grounding smocks and smock cords.

  • Fast, concise and very economical.

  • AC isolated, 9 Volt battery powered.

  • Heavy duty 12" x 12" metal footplate.

  • LED Alarms below 750K (test safety resistor).

  • LED Alarms above 10 Megs.

  • Audible AND Visual PASS indicator.

  • INCLUDES certificate of Calibration. Multiple wrist strap inputs handle a variety of  terminations. Test wrist strap, wrist strap cord, and the conductivity of the technicianís skin. Test the technicians conductivity in combination with their heel straps and safety resistors ALL in one fast easy to comprehend push of a button.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Remove battery cover, install 9 volt battery (enclosed with each order).

WRIST STRAP TEST: Attach esd wrist strap termination to one of three input ports. Place strap on wrist - ensure firm contact. Push test button. Review results.

Hi-Fail alarm (Yellow LED - No audible signal): Compromised strap to skin contact, dry skin, a faulty wrist strap cord or a compromised ESD wrist strap.

Lo-Fail Alarm (Red LED - No audible signal): 1 megohm safety resistor that is normally built into your wrist strap cord has lost it's resistivity and may present a safety hazard - especially when working with high voltage power sources. Replace wrist strap cord and retest.

Pass (Green LED - Audible GO Signal indicates test is complete): Log in and get to work!

HEEL STRAP TEST: Step on footplate (one foot at a time). Push test button. Review results and test other foot.

Hi-Fail alarm (Yellow LED - No audible signal): Compromised heel strap to skin contact, dry skin, a dirty or otherwise compromised heel strap.

Lo-Fail Alarm (Red LED - No audible signal): Heel strap contains no safety resistor. Replace unless specified in your esd program manual

Pass (Green LED - Audible GO Signal indicates test is complete): Log in, get to work!

NOTE: Bat-Low (Red LED): Replace Battery.

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COST: $249.95  

WEIGHT: Five Pounds


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