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Aluminum Foil Ground Tape for ESD Flooring

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Reliable grounding of your ESD flooring is imperative. While copper may start out being slightly more conductive than aluminum this conductivity is reduced drastically upon contact with many of today's conductive adhesives and coatings. Why?

Chemical concentrates used to cure the conductive adhesive rapidly oxidize the copper. Over a period of several days the copper develops an easy to see green copper oxide insulative residue. This residue dramatically reduces conductivity. Over a period of a year this insulative copper oxide continues to "grow" in thickness changing the conductivity of the grounding foil to (in many cases) well over 2,000 ohms.


United SCP's 2" wide High Purity chemical resistant aluminum foil ground tape is the ultimate product for grounding ESD Flooring. It's resistant to oxidation from the chemicals used in ESD flooring adhesives and paint and provides excellent long term conductivity. Most copper strips are thick and readily shadow thru ESD vinyl. Our aluminum foil tape is thin for minimal shadow thru and a great looking ESD floor. It easily takes on the texture of the drywall and may be painted to the color of the wall if desired.


Composition: Electrical grade aluminum alloy

Thickness: 1.5 mil

Width: 2"

Backing: paper release, high tack, high adhesion

Length per roll: 50 yards

Conductivity: <10 ohms

Electrical Properties

electrical conductivity 376.676 1/mohm-cm
polarizability 8.3 A^3


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