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RT-501 Resistance Tester

The Static Solutions RT-501 is the premium version of the RT-500. This package INCLUDES the 2 each Industry Compliant 5 pound (2.5") Specialty Electrodes Required for testing Floors, table Tops, Smocks and more per ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021 and TR-53. The instrument has an Easy to Comprehend LED Display and Includes an NIST Certificate of Calibration and compliance tag.

RT-501 with test electrodes

RT-501 Resistivity Tester for ESD Compliance Testing, NOW just $710.71  Add to our shopping cart


The RT-501 is an advanced version of the RT-500. The Instrument is used to test the electrical resistance values of ESD flooring, matting, chairs, smocks, carts and more. All of these test require a megger capable of ranging from 10 to 100 volts and REQUIRE the use of the 2 each 5 pound electrodes that are included in this kit.

Make No Mistake!

These electrodes are required over the parallel bars because they provide a specific weight, density and a diameter that is covered with a conductive material of a specific hardness.

Without Them Your Testing is Inaccurate and not in Compliance!

The RT-500 displays the resistivity / conductivity in decades using an easy to comprehend LED readout. The parallel bars located on the back of the device are good for spot checking products and may be useful for some items. But, when performing a compliance verification or your ESD matting, flooring, chairs and carts etc. plug the external electrodes into the device and use them as described in ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021's TR-53.

  • Multi Range - E03 to E12

  • LED Readout - Easy to Comprehend

  • Multi Function, measures RTG and PTP

  • Compliant - Meets ANSI / ESD and Many ASTM Standards

  • Automatic Zeroing

  • Automatic Voltage Output 10 to 100

  • Portable - Only 2.6 x 5 x 1.2 inches and 8.4 ounces

  • INCLUDES 2 each industry compliance specialty electrodes and their associated cable AND comes in a hard shell case that provides protection and easy portability

The RT 501 includes: Hard Shell Case, 2 each 5 pound industry compliant external test electrodes, their associated cable, parallel bar resistivity probes (located on the back of instrument), grounding hardware, instructions, 1 year limited warranty, NIST certificate, 9V alkaline battery.


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