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One Touch Static Dissipating Ground Pad

Static Dissipative, Easy to Install, Stop the Static Zap BEFORE it Takes Another Byte!


Touch me first static control pad

Touch Me First!


It's a Fact! The discharge of static electricity can devastate sensitive electronics!

User induced static generation can be intense. It's easy to create voltages well above 4kv (you'll feel a 4kV discharge when you touch a grounded object). But, sensitive microcircuitry often feels these discharges at much less voltages causing everything from  minor glitches to irritating data loss to permanently damaged electronics.

Our One Touch Static Dissipating pads solve the issue by slowing and controlling the discharge and safely taking the charge to ground. Our One Touch Pad consist of a 3/32" thick X 4" X 2.7/8" vinyl pad made of an advanced three layer static dissipative vinyl with a conductive inner scrim. We fasten a 3/8" ground point on the pad for the subsequent attachment of the ground cord that is included with your order. The back of the pad is electrically insulated from the static dissipative surface via covering the bottom of the pad with our peel and stick adhesive.

Instructions for Use:

This device must be grounded. To do so simply slip the ring terminal from the ground cord over the third prong of an AC power plug and plug it back in. OR attach the ring terminal to the center screw of an AC electrical face plate cover as we show here. Remove the wax paper liner from the bottom of the pad and place it on (or close to) the device you wish to protect. Simply touch the pad before you touch your static sensitive electronics. Yes, it's THAT simple.


Download instructions for use

  • Fast easy installation

  • Eliminates static in less than a second

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Slows and controls the electrostatic discharge. You won't feel it and neither will your electronics!

Composition: Vinyl with silver loaded internal scrim
Thickness: >0.0937" (3/32")
Colors: Blue and Gray

ANSI/ESD STM4.1-2017: >1.0E06 and <1.0E09



$8.99 each

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Note: select "ship on our account" when you place an order for this device and we'll ship it anywhere in the USA for $10.00! Note: Please call for pricing on over 100 units.


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