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ESD Epoxy Floor Paint, Installation and Certification


Project update 3/2/2023: This installation was completed 7 years ago! The material still looks decent (although scuffed and slightly worn in spots). The material is still well bonded and performing perfectly for ESD control. A single coat of ElectraGuard Epoxy followed by our recommended sealers will soon be reapplied that will make this floor look new again! Follow this page for updates.


Elan Concrete before installation of esd floor



United SCP had the opportunity to work with the team at Elan Industries in Bolingbrook Illinois. Elan Designs and builds advanced electronic controls for OEM manufacturers and is expanding rapidly. Their value engineering approach serves multiple platforms and reduces field service and warranty claims

Hence Their Need for Advanced Static Control

Elan chose ElectraGuard Epoxy as their ESD flooring material and selected United due to our experience in achieving our goals in a timely manor at a realistic cost and with full electrical certification to the latest ANSI ESD S20.20 standards.


Elan ESD Flooring in Illinois


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This installation (around 7,000 square feet) took approximately 5 days. The expansion joints and saw cuts were filled with a Portland based concrete and sanded to the flatness of the surrounding profile. Minor dings, divots and cracks were repaired in the slabs. The flooring was grounded to AC Electrical as well as steel structural support columns.

The concrete for this facility readily absorbed water (it was unsealed) hence it did not require profiling with a diamond grinder or a DiamaBrush. The concrete was cleaned using industrial auto scrubbers and ElectraClean. One coat of ElectraGuard Epoxy was rolled every day for 3 days. After the epoxy cured two coats of the ElectraThane followed by one thin coat of ElectraGlaze were mopped on the ElectraGuard to provide Ultimate gloss and easy maintenance. The flooring was tested to the latest standards using NIST approved test equipment and a full certification was issued to Elan insuring their compliance to THE most stringent esd standards used in Electronic manufacturing.

United's specialized in supplying and installing ESD flooring Nation Wide since 1992! Your install comes complete with full electrical certification to the latest ANSI ESD standards, on time completion, no headaches and no surprises all at a realistic price! At United we understand the importance of ESD Flooring. As one of the USA's leading esd flooring contractors we've provided millions of square feet of successful esd flooring from Mexico to Canada and most points in between.

Installing ESD flooring properly, backing the install and hitting our deadlines is paramount to our success. It's what we do for a living. It's hard work and it's more than just our job.


It's Our Passion!


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