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ESD Sole Grounders / ESD Foot Grounders

THE most popular ESD sole grounder in the Nation!

Ultimate Static Control for Mission Critical Applications

Now as low as $7.99 ea!


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ESD Full Sole Grounder

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ESD full sole foot grounders


Full sole ESD heel grounders, the ultimate foot grounding straps. Why? Reliability, longevity and surface contact. Initially, all heel straps provide great contact and resistivity readings between the operator, heel grounders and a clean ESD floor. But, as they age (due to dirt) or if the ESD floor becomes even slightly contaminated these contact surfaces become compromised and resistivity readings increase dramatically.


With standard ESD heel straps even the slightest contamination can cause the straps to fail testing, necessitating replacement or cleaning, wasting time and costing money. Full sole ESD Foot Grounders have over 20 times the surface contact of standard ESD heel straps allowing a comfortable margin of contaminant error. Hey, contamination happens, these straps test and perform great long after standard straps fail AND conduct the charge even if the technician is seated with only their toes touching the flooring (or standing on their toes working overhead). Compare to the same style strap offered by the high overhead big boys at over $22.42 EACH!

TV StaticAs fast and easy as putting on a typical ESD heel strap

TV StaticNon marring inner surface, won't scuff shoes

TV StaticNon marring outer surface, won't scuff ESD flooring

TV StaticNon slip for employee safety

TV StaticMEETS the latest ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021 Standards!

TV StaticTested to ANSI/ESD SP9.2-2019

TV StaticOPTIMUM contact = Ultimate electrostatic charge decay, even when employees are seated!


Part Number SI-237

Price: $7.99 per strap


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