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Thermoplastic Gel Style ESD Wrist Strap

THE most Comfortable ESD Wrist Strap in the Nation. 100% Silicon Rubber, long lasting, hypoallergenic, outstanding longevity and static control protection that meets the latest ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021 standards.


ESD Gel straps, THE most comfortable esd wrist strap in the nation!


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Available in three colors. Blue 6' ground cord included at NO Charge! NOW Just $3.49 each!Add to our shopping cart


Our unique gel style esd wrist straps are manufactured using 100% silicon rubber. Unlike elastic and cloth straps that may shed fibers as they age these straps are extremely clean - in fact clean room compliant. Our ESD Gel Straps are extremely comfortable to wear and won't pinch the skin like some metal band esd wrist straps. One size fits all.

Ultimate Static Control Protection for Mission Critical Builds

The strap's heavy duty 3/8" snap won't  inadvertently come unsnapped like some of the light weight 4 mm connections providing a secure and reliable attachment of the polyurethane blue ground cord (supplied at no charge with each strap). 

Our Gel Strap Assemblies are fully compliant as a primary ground for the technician and meet the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 standards. Each strap is clearly stamped with international ESD warning logo and they are individually packaged for secure deployment. They contain the industry recommended 1 meg ohm safety resistor and  may be used with most constant monitors including our AEI and Static Solutions series.

True comfort and long lastingTHE most comfortable ESD wrist strap in the Nation.

contain 1 meg safety resistorContains 1 meg Safety resistor.

Easy to keep cleanEasy to keep clean and hypoallergenic.

clean room compliant esd wrist strapClean room compliant.

includes ground cord at NO ChargeINCLUDES a blue 6' ground cord at NO Charge.

brightly colored esd wrist strapBright colors, clean crisp appearance.

resistant to oil, grease and most common chemicalsHighly resistant to oil, grease and common chemicals.

Compliant to ANSI ESD S20.20-2007Fully compliant to the latest ESD /ANSI / JEDEC / MIL standards.


ESD Gel Straps - THE most comfortable ESD Wrist Strap in the Nation


NOW Just $3.49 each!!! And YES the cord is INCLUDED!

Part Number: WO404 followed by color

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