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ElectraGuard High Velocity ESD Epoxy

For use with Combustible Metals, Powders and Dust. Popular for use with Munitions, Flammables, Explosives and other Energetics. Non Sparking, adjustable minimum resistance levels, 15 year track record of successful use in the manufacturing, storing and handling of munitions and energetics. Proudly made in the United States of America.


For The ElectraGuard High Gloss System used in electronic mfg. please click here.


Redstone, ESD  Flooring for Munitions and Explosives

ElectraGuard High Velocity

Redstone Arsenal, Compounding Area


Today's reality dictates an increasingly daunting task. To meet the latest NFPA or DOD static control standards and assure your successful manufacturing of static sensitive product, ESD flooring is a must! But according to DA PAM 385-64 and many other standards ESD Tiles are not approved for use where potentially explosive particulate is present (due to the seams between the tiles). Yet does it make sense to spend $10.00 per square foot for a THICK Set Epoxy? Most think NOT! The ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy runs <1/3 the cost per square foot of ESD Tiles and thick set epoxy. Plus, ElectraGuard provides a coating that may be tailored on site to achieve specific minimum resistance levels or add a high shine. ElectraGuard is nano-particulate infused for extreme hardness yet contains Zero carbon or any additives that may spark. ElectraGuard has a stellar track record of use in achieving compliance to NFPA 484-15, DOD 4145.26M and DA PAM 385-64. ElectraGuard has a 10 year plus life expectancy and is without-a-doubt the most wear resistant ESD floor paint in the industry.


ElectraGuard used in munitions and energetics

Unsealed for Maximum Conductivity. Common resistance PTP: 125 K @ 500 VDC

sealed to adjust the minimum resistance

Sealed to Adjust Minimum Resistance and add gloss. Common PTP: 400 K @ 500 VDC


A proven performer in the field of esd epoxy paintA proven product at a realistic cost!

A proven performer in the field of esd epoxy paintReliable and predictable electrical conductivity.

A proven performer in the field of esd epoxy paintPerfect for Mission Critical Static Control.

A proven performer in the field of esd epoxy paintNon Sparking and Made in the U.S.A.

resistant to concrete vapor emmisionsOutstanding resistance to concrete vapor emissions.

perfect for new constructionSeamless (when applied over properly prepared substrates).

16 year track recordEighteen Year track record! Life time warranty on conductivity.

ESD Epoxy Flooring is 1/3 the cost of other esd flooring options bulletWear performance that rivals thick set epoxy a fraction of the cost

24/7 tech support provided at no charge with your order of ESD EPOXY FLOORING24/7 live tech support available at no charge with each order. For use over a multitude of substrates. Concrete, VCT, steel, wood, most paints and thick set epoxies. Millions of square feet installed world wide!


5 year wear study: ElectraGuard V/S Forklift Traffic

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