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The FAA doesn't have time for unreliable vendors, compromised quality, missed deadlines and poor performance.  United SCP specializes in outstanding supply and installation of quality static control for the FAA and Military. In addition to flooring we provide FAA approved static control chair matting, anti static sprays and a multitude of specialty static control products all designed to Tame the Static Beast. We've earned our outstanding reputation with the FAA the old fashioned way. We've worked hard for it. 


Flooring Installations, FAA approved installers

On time project completion, no headaches and no surprises!


ESD flooring for Electronic ManufacturingUnited SCP understands the challenges involved in the installation of flooring for the FAA. Whether your needs dictate covering raised access flooring, installing flooring around encumbrances (like file cabinets and Tracon equipment), finishing a tower between the hours of 11:00PM and 7:00AM or more our Flooring Installation Teams have installed flooring for the FAA and the Canadian Forces since 2001. Each installation comes with on time completion, no headaches, no surprises and a FULL Certification of the floor's static control performance. Unlike others, we test to some of the most stringent standards in the U.S.A. Not only do we document the floor's electrical conductivity we also document the charge generation you can expect from walking on the flooring or rolling over it with chair casters and carts. United provides 3rd party testing and certification for ESD flooring nation wide. This is included with your install at No Charge.


Installation of esd carpeting for static controlAll phases, all environments, all security levels.

Installation of esd carpetOn time project completion from quality certified installation teams.

Installation of esd carpetNO Headaches, NO hassles and NO Surprises.

Installation of esd carpetTime tested installers that know what the FAA expects and Delivers!


FAA Static Control Carpeting

Perfect for Tracons, Control Towers and Command Centers!


ESD carpet tiles, Refinery command center CA photoUnited SCP is an Authorized Distributor and Certified installer of the most popular static control carpeting in the industry. True static control carpeting offers many advantages over other types of flooring.  It's robust, easy to clean, provides outstanding sound deadening abilities and is permanently static conductive eliminating static induced equipment failures. Our FAA Series and UltraTech II comply with FAA Std 019e, ATIS-0600321.2010 and Motorola R56 making them a perfect option for Telecom areas, Server rooms, FAA air traffic control towers, Tracons and more.


Permanent true state of the art electrical conductivity.

Eliminates static induced damage to mission critical equipment.

Easy to replace. Made in the U.S.A.

Fully compliant to demanding specifications: FAA, DOD, Mil and ANSI/ESD S20.20

FAA ESD Carpet Treatment

Perfect for Tracons, ATCT's and office environments!

Carpet treatment renders standard carpet ESD Compliant!

ElectraShield transforms standard carpeting into static dissipative carpet at a cost of around $0.20 cents per square foot. It's range of electrical conductivity makes it perfect for use around energized equipment. ElectraShield is a treatment - not merely a spray. It is long lasting and COMPLIANT in meeting the recognized electrical resistance standards of FAA STD 019e, ATIS-0600321.2010 and Motorola R56 making it a perfect option for Telecom, Server areas FAA Tracons, ATC Towers.


Safe and Consistent Static ControlRecognized as SAFE around energized equipment.

Compliant to ANSI ESD S20.20-2014Made in the U.S.A.

Compliant to FAA, Motorola and ATIS StandardsCOMPLIANT: FAA STD 019e, ATIS-0600321.2010 and Motorola R56

Low to NO OdorEasy, FAST application with little to no odor


ESD Mouse Pads STOP Static At the Source!

Perfect for Server Areas and for Mission Critical Static Control Environments


Hard Surface ESD Mouse PadIt's not unusual to have static control flooring yet STILL generate enough static for annoying shocks to go through headsets and into sensitive equipment. Why? Shoes soles are electrically insulative. When you roll around or get up from a chair you generate a substantial electrostatic charge on your upper body. The static can't get around shoes in a timely manor without ESD Heel Straps and ZAP! The technician discharges into metal instruments or through headsets. Our hard surface ESD Mouse pads discharge the static in .02 seconds. Every time the mouse is used the static is thoroughly eliminated!


floor paint zapPROVEN performance.

ESD floor paint zapRemoves the static charge in .2 seconds

PC StaticA perfect surface for precision control of the mouse

Compliant to DOD 4145.26M and ESD S 20.20-2007  arrowSafe, easy to install and warranted for life*.        


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