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HL-3408 ESD Hand Lotion

WHY USE AN ESD HAND LOTION? ESD Hand Lotion INSURES successful hand to heel strap or wrist strap electrical continuity for COMPLIANCE to ANSI ESD S20.20-2014! Wrist Straps pass testing WITH EASE! Heel Straps No Longer Fail! RoHS and Clean Room Compliant! Contains NO Parabens, Colorants nor Perfumes. esd hand lotion add to cart


 ESD Hand Lotion, Static Solutions HL-3408

HL-3408 ESD Hand Lotion

8 ounce bottle now just $8.84 each

Case Lot (24 ea 8 ounce bottles) $117.81

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Lets start with why ESD Hand Lotion is used. United has tested electrical conductivity of babies! That's right! Newborns! Finger tips to her cute little toes! Note: The test subject giggled profusely when tested and came in with stellar conductivity of 330 K Ohms! Of course a baby's skin is soft, supple and moist. It provides a fingertip to toe conductivity well below 1 meg ohm in resistance. This was the PERFECT electrical conductivity for static control. The problem?


Environmental Conditions Reduce the Static Conductivity of your Skin!


When skin ages essential nutrients are lost - washing the hands removes more natural oils and drying the hands removes the water normally inherent in the skin. Skin that starts out as being static conductive can climb well into the insulative range of electrical conductivity!

All wrist strap and heel strap testers rely on the skin's electrical conductivity to take the charge from the conductive fingertip test button to the termination of what you are testing (be it wrist straps OR heel straps).

Whether using heel straps OR wrist straps they RELY on the charges from your hands dissipating thru your primary grounding system! So, if your hands and wrist are dry and lack the nutrients and natural moisture that make them conductive a perfectly good ESD Wrist Strap or Heel Strap will FAIL and ESD sensitive builds? Compromised!

So Why Won't Standard Hand Lotions Work?

Check the label! Even high quality standard hand lotions may contain silicones, lanolin, Squalene (a hydrocarbon and a triterpene) and even worse . . . PARABENS. Not only do these chemicals contaminate PCB's and Clean Room Products they can interfere with soldering and cause corrosion on specific metals. Plus, they tend to build up on the conductive portion of wrist strap reducing the straps ability to dissipate the charge. Not So with HL-3408!Static Solutions HL-3408 is a static dissipative moisturizing hand and face lotion formulated specifically for use in and around static sensitive electronics. It is clean room compliant, will not effect the solderability of electronics of cause corrosion of electrical contacts.

antistatic formulationAnti static formulation, leaves NO residues on parts!

paraben FREE!FREE of All Forms of Parabens!

clean room safeClean Room Safe, RoHS and ADA Compliant!

reduces contamination to parts from skin flakingReduces skin flake contamination of parts.

Wrist straps PASS, heel straps no longer FAIL!Greatly decreases static generation of hands.

elliminates static generation of handsINSURES performance of Wrist Straps and Heel Straps.

esd safe and helps INSURE compliance to ANSI ESD S20.20-2014Available in 8 ounce bottles or Cases of 24 each 8 ounce bottles


HL-3408 Keeps Your Hands Baby Soft and Baby Conductive!


HL-3408 ESD Hand Lotion Specifications


Milky white




5.9 to 7.3

Freeze / Thaw

3 Cycles

Solids Content



45,000 cps

Specific Gravity


Static Dissipative



Zero - does not contain Parabens in any form

Container Sizes (s)

 8 Ounce and case lots of 24 ea. 8 Ounce bottles


SDS Sheet


Optional Pump Dispenser now just: $.99 cents


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