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ESD Field Meter Test Static Voltages, Polarity and Ion Balance

FM-1126 ESD Field Meter

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Locate the Static Charge and Neutralize it!

Use this device to isolate the PERFECT placement of an ESD ionizer on a static laden assembly. Test the accumulated voltage of a conveyer belt and find out where the static starts and where to focus your efforts. Test the accumulated charge on a technician. Now GROUND the person and the charge drops to ZERO.

This easy to comprehend tool is invaluable for any esd program. The tool is CE, RoHS and S20.20 Compliant. A Calibration certificate is included with each meter. The multifunctional Ohm-Stat FM-1126 static field meter incorporates a powerful static hardened microprocessor, an ion balance plate, grounding cable and a soft shell case.


measure static voltagesAccurate measurements of static voltages.

measures static polarityAccurate measurements of polarity.

compliant to ANSI ESD S 20.20 standardsCOMPLIANT to ANSI ESD S20.20.

free of conflict materials and leadRoHS compliant and free of conflict materials.

laser focus ring technologyUnique focus ring LED's show proper measuring distance.

Audible overload protectionAudible alarm protection if over range.

NIST compliantNIST Compliant, includes certificate of compliance.

Back Light Technology can be read in the darkBack lit technology, easy to read even in the dark!




Measuring Range: Static Voltage

+0~+ 1.49kV (low range).

+1.0~+ 20.0kV (high range).

Measuring Range Ion Balance

0~ + 200 Volts

Measuring Distance (charged item to device)

1" + 0.5



Ambient Limitations

50 degrees F. to 104 degrees F, 68%rH or lower

Power Supply

9V alkaline battery (30 hour approximate)


Large easy to read LCD display (digital and bar graph)

Weight with battery

.30 lbs (w/o ionizer plate) .37 lbs with plate


9 volt battery, soft case, ion plate, ground cord, cert

Dimensions of device w/o charge plate

4.5 X 2.7 X .9 Inch Drawing with ion balance plate



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