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ElectraWear Ultimate ESD Conductive Smock Fabric

66% Polyester, 32% Cotton, 2% Carbon

Static Conductive ESD Smock Material

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Our Most Popular Colors

Sky blue conductive smock material

Sky Blue

Crisp White Conductive Smock Material


Blue / Black ESD Smock Material



Light Brown Beige ESD Smocks

Light Brown

Green ESD Smocks


Yellow ESD Smock


Red ESD Smocks

Rose Burgundy

Medium Blue ESD Smock

Medium Blue

Gray ESD Smocks


Orange ESD Smocks




Composition : 66% Polyester, 32% Cotton, 2% Carbon Suffused Nylon            

Weave: Plain

Width: 63/61 (±1%)

Weight: ASTM D-3776, 5.0 oz/yd (±2%)

Count Warp: ASTM D3775, 81 yarns/inch (±2%)

Count Weft: ASTM D-3775, 54 yarns/inch (±2%)

Tensile Strength Warp: ASTM D-5034, N/inch, 450 minimum

Tensile Strength Weft: ASTM D-3775, N/inch, 350 minimum

Tear Strength Warp: ASTM D-1424, N/inch, 40 minimum

Tear Strength Weft: ASTM D-1424, N/inch, 30 minimum

Dimensional Stability Warp: AATCC-135, 0.0 % (±3%)

Dimensional Stability Weft: AATCC-135, 0.0 % (±3%)

Color Fastness to Washing Change: AATCC-61, 4 minimum

Color Fastness to Washing Transfer: AATCC-61, 4 minimum

Color Fastness to Perspiration, Acid: AATCC-15, 4 minimum

Color Fastness to Perspiration, Alkaline: AATCC-15, 4 minimum

Color Fastness to Rubbing, Dry: AATCC-8, 3.5 minimum

Color Fastness to Rubbing, Wet: AATCC-8, 3.0 minimum



Surface Resistivity New

As tested @ 12%rH, 73 deg F, 48 hours conditioning: ESD STM 2.1, section 5.4; <5.5E06 typical.


Surface Resistivity after 100 washes

As tested at 12%rH, 73 deg F, 48 hours conditioning: ESD STM 2.1, section 5.4; <3.5E07


Static Decay

As tested at 12%rH, 73 deg F, 48 hours conditioning: 101C method 4046; 0.01 sec


Static Decay after 100 washes:

As tested at 12%rH, 73 deg F, 48 hours conditioning: 101C method 4046; 0.02 sec

This material meets or exceed ANSI/ESD S 2020-2007 standards for "groundable static control garment and groundable static control garment system" when tested to ANSI/ESD STM2.1 This material is TR53 (compliance verification) test friendly. Average resistance point to point of fabric sections containing no seams is 4.3E05 @ 29.35rH and 70 degrees F. The average resistance to ground after 100 washings and tested to TR-53 is <3.5E07.


Cleaning instructions

Machine Wash smocks on gentle cycle, warm water (at temps of under 104 deg F). Use proper amount of a liquid mild non-ionic/anionic detergent (like Tide 2x or similar) that contains no fabric softeners. Do not bleach.  Wash smocks separately, do not mix with other industrial laundry.  Dry on low setting (do not dry at temperatures over 110 deg F), do not tunnel dry.  These smocks will dry very quickly, do not over dry.  Hand washing: These smocks may be hand washed with the same basic instructions as above.



United SCP expressly warrants the conductivity of this material and the garments manufactured from it will maintain the stated conductivity for a period of 100 washings or 1 year (whichever comes first) when tested to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 TR-53.  Said garments are further warranted to meet the physical specifications as posted above for a similar period of time.


Warranty Specifics

Within the Warranty Period and at the discretion of United SCP, defective garments will either (1) be repaired at no charge or (2) United SCP will exchange the product with a similar garment or (3) refund the original purchase price of the product on a 12 month prorated basis. Defective items must be shipped prepaid to United SCP’s testing facility and must include an RMA number plus invoice copy, packing slip or other proof of purchase from United SCP, Incorporated.  The RMA number must be obtained by calling United’s customer care department at (USA) 719 676 3928.





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Warranty Exclusions and Limitations

United SCP shall have no liability to the customer for and including but not limited to lost profits or any special, consequential, exemplary or incidental damages of any kind whether arising in contract, tort, product liability or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such lost profits or damage. Customer also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless United SCP for and including but not limited to damages, injuries or deaths of any kind and / or for any reason from the use or misuse of this product as purchased, supplied, manufactured or brokered through and / or by United Static Control Products Incorporated. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by not following our posted cleaning instructions, abuse, neglect, stains, burns, rips, tears, misuse or lack of preventative routine maintenance.


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