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ElectraSeal ESD is an industrial maintenance coating specifically formulated to meet the stringent new "Green" building Standards. The VOC content of ElectraSeal is < 55g/L (grams per liter) or 0.458 pounds per gallon as calculated using the federal VOC guidelines as follows:

Voc Content = (Ws-Ww-Wec)



Voc Content = grams of VOC per liter of coating

Ws = weight of non volatiles, in grams

Ww = weight of water, in grams

Wec= weight of exempt compounds, in grams

Vm = volume of coating, in liters

Vw = volume of water, in liters

Vec = volume of exempt compounds in liters


Following that calculation with the numbers for the ElectraSeal provides these results:


Voc Content = (7.3716-6.3635-0.0349)


                         = (0.9732)


                        = 0.4557 pounds per gallon which when converted gives the following

                        = 54.4 grams per liter of VOC


Other information for California

SCAQMD Rule 1113 (5/3/2011): Limit 100 g/l, actual <55.0 g/l COMPLIANT

SCAQMD Rule 323.1 (adopted 06/19/2014, effective 01/1/2016): Limit 100, actual <55.0 COMPLIANT



Other information for LEED

LEED BD+C: Retail / v1 - LEED 1.0 Pilot

EQc4: Possible 4 Points

Limit: 100 g/l, actual <55 g/l


LEED Credit Contribution: ElectraSeal Anti-Static Concrete Sealer.

The following credits for the LEED rating system apply to ElectraSeal Anti-Static Concrete Sealer.


IEQ Credit 4.1 Low Emitting Materials Adhesives and Sealants 

VOC Content grams per liter (g/l).

United SCP ElectraSeal PN:  E-Seal: <55 g/l


Approved for release: SRC

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