Specifications, Colors & Care

Pin Stripe, 98% Polyester 2% Carbon Suffused Nylon

Available Colors

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Actual conductive stripes 5 mm

* no minimum for stocked, 30 piece minimum for non stock

** 300 piece minimum












Fiber Specifications

Composition: 98% Polyester filament yarn with 2% Nylon carbon compound filament yarn.

Weave: 5MM stripe

Weight: 85 G /yard

Warp: 189F/inch

Weft: 82F/inch

Yarn Type: Warp Polyester 75 Denier; Conductive 70 Denier polyamide base.

Weft : Polyester 75 Denier

Tensile Strength: Warp : 72kgs / cm2

Weft : 46kgs/cm2

Air Permeability : 125CC/CM2/Sec (JIS-L1096)

Humidity Permeability: 980G/M2/HR (JIS-L1099)

Recommended: Class 1000 and above (clean room compliant)

Friction Charges Electrification Potential : < 500 V.


ElectraWear anti static lab coats are not considered TR-53 test friendly but are compliant to a modified ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 TR-53 "static control garment test" (use of ionization is required to remove static from test equipment and fixture when testing at this very high range). Typical panel to panel and sleeve to sleeve resistance: 8.9E10 @ 50%rH. Typical conductivity in line with carbon filaments <1.0E06


ElectraWear Pin Stripe Antistatic materials are warranted to meet the requirement of <1.0E11 per when tested to the modified TR-53 method previously mentioned for a minimum of 100 washes or two years, whichever comes first.

Cleaning instructions

Machine wash smocks on gentle cycle, warm water at temps of under 104 deg F, use proper amount of a mild non-ionic/anionic liquid detergent (like Tide 2x or similar) that contains no fabric softeners. Do not bleach.  If smock has a zipper closure system ZIP before washing. Wash smocks separately, do not mix with other industrial laundry.  Dry on warm setting, Do not dry at temperatures over 110 deg, do not tunnel dry.  These smocks will dry very quickly, do not over dry.  Hand washing: These smocks may be hand washed with the same basic instructions as above.