Hand Held Ionizing Air Blower for Static Control

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The following document is an addendum to the individual power supply and gun manuals that are included with your G-4000 unit. This document is a quick connect overview. Please read the enclosed manuals for schematics, power requirements and other pertinent information concerning the use and operation of this equipment.


PRODUCT OVERVIEW: The SL G4000 Hand Held Ionizing Air Blower is an instrument that provides a concentrated flow of balanced ions in conjunction with compressed air to control static accumulation, remove dust or dry a targeted area or objet. The instrument is ISO manufactured to exacting specifications issued by United Static Control Products Inc. The output of the ionized air stream is easily adjustable. The G-4000 is robust, well made and suitable for a multitude of applications including delicate electronic products, electronic assembly line items, medical manufacturing and more. The G4000 includes the gun assembly, hoses and a heavy duty high voltage transformer designed to be powered by a standard, grounded 120 VAC (USA style) plug in (220 volt models available as an option).  This high voltage power source is used to create a balanced stream of negative and positive ions from the emitter pin inside the nozzle (located on the hand held gun assembly) . The G-4000 should be used by trained personnel only.


G-4000 Ionizing air blower for static control, power supply and gun assembly photo

NOTE: This unit is not for use in explosive environments or around flammable liquids. The G-4000 depends on clean DRY oil and particulate free compressed air for its outstanding performance. Should the compressed air become compromised or if the hand held blower is allowed to come into contact with liquids the unit may become permanently damaged. A high voltage failure detect circuit IS NOT incorporated into the power supply hence the high voltage output IS NOT interrupted even in an abnormal condition. Abnormal conditions include water in the air supply, getting the gun assembly wet, dropping the unit in water or a short circuit or sparking caused by insulation degradation. Regular inspection and keeping the gun assembly away from liquids is essential for efficient and problem free operation of ALL hand held ionizers. The G-4000 should be used by trained personnel only.

WHAT'S INCLUDED WITH YOUR ORDER: The G-4000 includes the hand held air gun with attached hoses and manual, a yellow ground wire, a clear air line hose, a high voltage power supply and manual with specifications and schematics and this quick connect instructional overview.

POWER SUPPLY: Mount the power supply / transformer to a sturdy structure close to a reliable grounded AC Power outlet. Do not attach the Power cord to the outlet at this time. Attach the yellow and green ground wire to the front post on the transformer (see photo). Tighten in place using knurled nut. Attach opposite end of yellow ground wire to a reliable AC Electrical ground such as the center screw of an AC faceplate cover, a grounded machine tool or a ground point designated by your electrician. See  the Power Supply Manual included with your order for more information.

GUN & HOSE ASSEMBLY: A red and a black high voltage power cable has  been pre installed into the handle of the G-4000. The black wire is terminated in a ring eyelet. Attach this ring eyelet to the ground post on the front of the power supply as is shown in figure 2. Remove one of the 2 yellow protective covers and screw the red power supply onto the threaded male connector (see figure 2).



COMPRESSED AIR:  Push the clear air line into the blue or bronze (with white cap) fitting on the G-4000 gun handle. This fitting self locks the air hose, no tools are required. For your convenience we have terminated the opposite end of the air hose with a standard 1/2" female pipe thread brass fitting that will accept most types of standard quick connect airline couplers or this fitting may be screwed directly into many air dryer / final air filter / regulator assemblies. Engineering Note: For your convenience we provide a very common *standard male fitting (see icon, click to open) that fits many female air couplings. However, due to the variety of couplings this part may need to be replaced with what is used in your facility.




ENGINEERING REVISION:  Your unit MAY come with our new gun handle air inlet that is bronze with a white capped flange (rather than the previous BLUE flange). Simply push the airline thru the flange and into the fitting. It is self locking. To remove the airline pull the flange down and the airline will release.






GROUNDING POWER SUPPLY: The power supply is grounded via the 3 prong power plug but must also be grounded using the yellow and green ground wire provided with your order. Attach the ring eyelet of the yellow wire to the ground post as is shown in figure 2. Attach the opposite end to a reliable AC electrical ground such as the center screw of an AC faceplate cover, a grounded metal machine tool or to a ground point as recommended by your esd program or electrician.





PN: G-4000 Ionizing Air Blower for Static Control

United Static Control Products Inc Approved: SRC


DATE: Revision: 09/28/2018, new style gun flange inlet for air.