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Installing Transition Strips for ESD Floor Tiles

Recommended procedure for ElectraTile, VPI and ElectraLock

(all 3/8" or 3mm thick ESD tiles, hard surface to tile)

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transition strip for ESD floor Tile

Hardness: ASTM D 2240 - Not less than 85 Shore A.  Abrasion Resistance: ASTM D 3389 - 0.22 mg/cycle. Slip Resistance: ASTM D 2047 - Exceeds Federal Standards and ADA recommendations of .6 for flat surfaces. Fire Resistance: ASTM E 648/NFPA 253 (Critical Radiant Flux): Class 1


Transition strips are vinyl pieces that bridge the height difference between an ESD floor tile and the subfloor. The following strips are commonly used in doorways and on long runs of ESD tiles placed on top of hard surfaces such as concrete, epoxy and, standard VCT. They reduce tripping hazards, minimize the bump encountered when rolling over them with pallet jacks (and carts) and provide a nice clean finished appearance to the ESD floor. Normally static control properties are not required for these strips. Should static control be a requirement for your transition strips simply install the strip as shown in the following directions and apply a thin coat ElectraShield to the top surface using a microfiber towel. Note: For best results roll the strip with a steel vinyl roller after the strip has been installed. Should your transition require a height difference of 2 mm or for bridging from carpet to ESD vinyl tiles or ESD Carpeting please contact United.

Note for ElectraLock: Remove teeth from the tiles by drawing a straight line on the tiles and cutting thru the material with a razor blade knife. ElectraLock tiles cut easily if they have been warmed with a hot air gun. ElectraLock may also be cut using a guillotine tile cutter.

Remove liner

Place tape in front of tilesInsure that the substrate in front of the tiles is clean and dust free.

press in placePlace the 1" wide Contact Tape in front of the ESD tiles as shown.

press or roll in place and remove linerPress or roll firmly in place and remove the top liner exposing the adhesive.

Roll transition in place

Roll ESD transition tape onto adhesiveRoll the strip into the tape and press (or roll) firmly in place.

Installed transition strip


Side View of ESD transition strip

Side View

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